Sunday, June 19, 2016

Flip Flop Welcome Sign

flip flop welcome sign

Create this quick and easy flip flop welcome sign in under 30 minutes with supplies from the dollar store! I purchased 4 pairs of colorful flip flops, one bunch of daises and 2 butterflies for just $6.00 - SCORE! The ribbon and glue were from my craft stash.

1. Arrange seven flip flops on your work surface, with the largest in the center to the smallest on the end, in an arch.

2. Glue them all together, side by side as shown, at the top and bottom. Brace the back with strips of cardboard glued in place.

3. Snip daisy heads from the bunch and glue one each thong. Attach a butterfly to the last flip flop.

4. Turn over the sign and tie a ribbon hanger to the second and sixth flop flop (tied to the thong button). Tie a bow.

5. Spell out the word WELCOME with Joy embroidered letters. Peel off the backing and glue the letters to bottoms of the flip flops.

Hang your sign and enjoy it all summer long! It's great to make as a hostess gift for all of those backyard barbecues you will be invited to!


  1. Beautiful! What size are the letters? Are those from Dollar Tree?

  2. brilliant idea for your garden or balcony love this


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