Thursday, April 27, 2017

Felt Monogram Plaque

I love decorating my doors - these extra-large script letters really make a bold statement for the entrance to any room. Of course, a monogram plaque is perfect for a bedroom - and the texture of the embroidered letter against thick, wool felt is luxurious.

I like how the white pops against my bright orange felt, but these embroidered iron-on letters can easily be dyed to whatever color you like - with fabric dye or ink spray.

- Joy letter
- Smoothfoam 8" disc
- Wool felt - two colors
- Small straight pins
- Decorative straight pins
- Craft glue, scissors, narrow ribbon

Cut a circle of felt 2-3" larger than the disc. Cut tabs evenly around the perimeter of the circle, then place the disc in the center. Wrap and pin each tab snugly around the disc and pin in place, creating small pleats around the edge.

Cut a smaller circle of felt and iron the letter to the center of it. If you plan your design such that some of the letter hangs off the circle, use a sheet of non-stick parchment paper below the circle so the exposed parts of the letter don't stick to your ironing board. Use parchment on top too, so enough heat seals the letter without scorching the wool. 

Cut a square of felt a bit larger than the circle from a contrasting color and pin it to the front of the plaque. Dab glue on the back of the circle, placing it where the letter is to prevent seeping through the felt. Wool felt is nappy enough to stick to itself pretty well, so you only need a little glue to anchor.

Pin a small loop of ribbon to the back for a hanger.

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