Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Fall Mason Jar Centerpiece

Fall is just around the corner and I love to decorate with all of the colors of the season! This fall-themed centerpiece made with mason jars went together in just under and hour (not including drying time), so it's a quick and easy seasonal DIY project for your home. It would also make the perfect gift for a friend, teacher or neighbor.

Here's what you will need:

- Joy embroidered iron-on letters
- 4 mason jars
- Markers  (I used Tombow Dual Brush Pens), non-stick coated sheet
- Liquid glue  (I used MONO brand)
- Canvas sheet
- Mini clothespins, burlap, jute cord
- Fall floral stems
- Spray inks in fall colors  (I used Glimmer Mist)
- Paint brush, scissors, pencil

1. Wrap and glue the jute cord around the neck of each jar and tie a bow. Glue a patch of burlap (fringe the edges) to the center of each mason jar and let dry.

2. Color the Joy embroidered letters with spray mist.

3. Trace and cut four leaf shapes from the canvas sheet then mist with desired spray ink colors. When dry, glue a Joy embroidered letter to the center of each leaf to spell "Fall."

4. Clip a leaf to the bow of each jar, fill the jars with fall foliage and it's ready to display and enjoy!

Optional: To tint each mason jar, scribble color from a pen on a non-stick coated surface. Mix in a bit of liquid glue, then brush an uneven coat of the ink/glue mixture on the outside of the jar and let dry.

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