Sunday, April 21, 2019

The Joy of Tea

It is always time for tea!  

Spring is here and we will be enjoying our yards, flowers and decks.  This fun and easy project is perfect for a gift or for a lovely piece of decor to bring out at tea time!

You will need:
  • Joy® Embroidered Letter sheet
  • Jar Mug with Lid
  • Felt - dark pink
  • 5/8" sheer ribbon - light green
  • Handmade paper roses - red, yellow, antique white with leaves
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Tacky glue
  • Glue gun and glue sticks
  • Tea bags - various flavors


1.  Flatten the felt on the table top and trace around the lid. Cut out along the pencil line.

2.  Screw the lid onto the jar.  Apply glue to the lid surface and smooth the felt onto the lid.  This will secure the inner seal to the outer ring of the lid.

2.  Screw the lid onto the jar.  Apply glue to the lid surface and smooth the felt onto the lid.  This will secure the inner seal to the outer ring of the lid.

3.  Arrange and adhere the flowers to the lid using the glue gun.

4.  Adhere the letters spelling TEA to the front of the jar.

5.  Tie a bow around the neck of the jar to finish then fill the jar with tea bags.  Enjoy!

Look for Joy® letters and letter sheets at your local craft store. They're available in a variety of fonts and colors, perfect for all your personalizing needs.

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Easter Banner

Make a fun Easter Banner to brighten your décor! 

Spring is my favorite time of year and I love to decorate for Easter. With the grand little in the house it is even more fun these days. She always looks for a banner on my china hutch so I personalized a pre-made felt banner to make it extra quick & easy!

You will need:
  • Joy® Iron on embroidered letter sheet- lime green
  • Kunin® Felt
  • Pre-made carrot banner
  • Glue gun
  • dies and die cutting machine
  • pinking shears

  1. Cut flowers and Easter eggs using felt and die cut machine. 
  2. Cut half of eggs into strips using pinking shears. Adhere layers together using hot glue gun.

3. Glue flower layers together then glue flowers to banner base.

4.  Following manufacturer's directions, iron one letter to the center of each flower.

You can find Joy® iron-on embroidered letters and letter sheets at your favorite craft stores!

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Happy Easter Sign

Give your front door some colorful fun with this cute Easter sign!

You will need:
  • Joy® Iron-on embroidered white, dyeable letters

  • Chalkboard sign
  • Markers 
  • Easter grass, eggs and bunnies
  • Craft knife and scissors
  • Tacky adhesive 
  • Glue gun


1. Color the letters with the markers. Start with the light pink, outline with the darker pink. Finish by using the light pink to blend the two shades.

2. Carefully cut the bunnies and eggs in half.

3. With the tacky adhesive, glue the monogram letters in place.  Remove the backing from the block letters then press in place.

4. Drizzle some glue onto the bottom of the sign then carefully press paper shreds onto the glue.
*Use a craft stick to hold the grass down until the hot glue sets.*

5. Glue the eggs in place, then add more grass until your nest is the desired shape. Trim away stray pieces and finish by gluing the bunnies in place.

You can find Joy® dyeable and white embroidered, iron-on letters and letter sheets at your local craft stores.

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Monogrammed Bunny Baskets

Create some adorable Easter Bunny treat bags monogrammed with Joy® iron-on letters!

You will need:
  • Joy® Iron-on White 1" Letters - "B" & "C" or which ever letter you wish to use for the person you are making it for
  • iron
  • Kunin Felt
  • needle & thread
  • fabric glue
  • scissors

  1. Cut 2 bunny shapes from the felt, 2 long strips for the handle and base, and all the small parts for the face and ears.
  2. Glue on the small cut felt pieces for the ears, nose, eyes, and mouth
  3. Iron the letter on to the tummy of the bunny to make it personalized.
  4. Sew the parts of the bunny together to make a basket.
  5. Fill the basket with fun treats for Easter!
Pass along this sweet bunny basket to that special someone filled with some wonderful treats!

Here is a quick video on how to make them.

Look for Joy® iron-on embroidered letters, numbers and floral appliqués at your favorite craft store. 
They're available in different sizes, colors and fonts, suitable for every occasion.

Sunday, April 7, 2019

Easy Crafts for Easter!

Decorations are quick’n easy when you use iron-on embroidered letters!

With a Cricut® Maker, you can make an unlimited supply of shapes for lots of creative and crafty ideas. Easter egg shapes for example, can be used to decorate garlands, wreaths, gift bags, tags, cards, napkin rings and so much more….. 

You will need:

  • Joy® Iron-on Embroidered letters – 2 each A, E, P and H Y S T R

  • Kunin® Dot/Star Coordinates or Classic Felt, 9” x 12” – 2 each Candy Pink, Yellow & Lagoon
  • Kunin® Friendly Glitter, or Premium Felt, 9” x 12” – White 
  • Cricut® Maker™ with Rotary blade
  • 12 plastic water bottles
  • 2 small black buttons
  • Tacky glue & lo-temp glue gun
  • Iron




1.  Cut 4 each, 3” x 9” strips of yellow and pink felt and 3 strips of lagoon felt.  Wrap each piece around the bottom of a plastic bottle, overlap the ends then glue to secure.

2. Cut 11, 3 ¼” white glitter egg shapes using the “felt acrylic” setting and rotary blade on your Cricut® Maker. Re-size the egg shape to 3” then cut 4 yellow, 4 pink and 3 lagoon shapes.  Center, then glue a colored egg shape onto a white glitter shape. You can use with either the dot pattern facing upward, or the plain side.

3.  Peel the waxy white backing from each letter to expose the adhesive then press in place on the front of the egg.  Note:  Arrange the eggs in color order first before adding the letters. Glue the egg onto the band on the bottle. 

4. Carefully cut away the top of the bottle even with the top of the felt band to use as a small container for jelly eggs, or a large Easter Egg filled with goodies.  You can also leave the bottle as is and use as a small vase to create a row of single flower stems for a table top decoration – it’s waterproof!

5. Rabbit “Vase” Centerpiece– Easter decorations wouldn’t be complete without an Easter Rabbit. Cut a  4” x 9” piece of white glitter felt then glue around the base of a plastic bottle.  Cut a 5” x 3” oval  for the head and 2 elongated ovals for the ears. You can cut these using the “shapes” feature in Cricut Design Space, or draw  your own simple patterns on the back of the felt, then cut out with scissors.  

6. Cut 2 smaller ear shapes from pink felt then glue to the front of each ear.  Cut then glue a 1” heart shape to the center of the “head” for a nose then glue the buttons on either side of the nose for eyes. Use a little powder blush for the cheeks if desired. Glue the ears to the back of the head then glue the head to the bottle.  Fill the bottle with Spring flower picks to finish.  

Hoppy Easter ev'ry bunny!

You can find Joy® iron-on embroidered letters at your favorite craft stores

Thursday, April 4, 2019

Bunny Crossing Sign

Put this sign out in your yard to point the way to the egg hunt!

You will need:

Joy® Iron-on letters to spell "Bunny Crossing"

Acrylic Paint:  Peony Pink, Slate Gray, Lace Chalky Finish (Americana by DecoArt)
Wood pieces:  .25" x .25" x 2ft. poplar hobby board, 3/4" x 3ft. wood stake
Beacon Quick Grip glue
Wood bunny (optional)
Tools:  saw and miter box, paintbrushes, embossing heat gun


1. Cut board into two pieces, 10" and 14".  

2. Sand the edges and paint with chalky finish paint.  Edge with gray then dab paint with a paper towel to blur edges. Add smears of paint to the board with the paper towel.

3. Make a wash (paint thinned with water) with peony pink and paint letters.

4. Place letters on signs for spacing.  Remove backing on letters and adhere to boards.  Use an embossing heat gun to adhere letters to board.  Glue the boards to a stake. Add a bunny to top of stake if desired.

Look for a wide variety of Joy® Iron-on, embroidered letters at your local craft stores.

Sunday, March 31, 2019

Spring into Easter Wreath

Spring into Easter with this double duty wreath!

Celebrate Spring!

Celebrate Easter!

You will need:

Joy® Iron-on embroidered monogram letters: 2 each E S R; 1 each A T P I N G
Joy® Letter sheet

Kunin® Classic (or Dot Coordinates) Felt 9x12" Craft Cuts: Candy Pink, Yellow & Lagoon
Expo Int'l Pom Pom trim
12" straw wreath
1 yard white cord
1/2 yard of 2" wide burlap ribbon
Quilt pins
Craft Iron
Silk flowers
Rabbit decoration


1. Cut 6 (2 of each color), 2 1/2" x 6" pieces of felt.

2.  Arrange the cut pieces of felt as shown.  Following manufacturer's directions, iron the monogram letters to spell EASTER onto one end of each piece of felt then iron the letters to spell SPRING onto the opposite ends.

3. Cut then glue a piece of pom pom trim along the bottom edge at the back of each piece of felt. Fold the felt piece in half and glue the opposite end on top of the pom pom trim.

4. Tie a knot at the end of the cord then thread through each folded piece of felt to create a mini garland. Knot the cord between each piece to separate.  Your garland will read SPRING on one side and EASTER on the other.

5. Peel the letters to spell CELEBRATE from the letter sheet then iron onto the center of the burlap ribbon.

6. With the ends folded under, use quilt pins to secure the burlap ribbon across the top of the wreath as shown.  Note: If the wreath has a plastic wrap, leave in place.

7. Pin the ends of the mini garland across the bottom of the wreath, then pin small silk flower piks at the back.

8. As Easter draws near, unpin the garland, flip it around then re-pin. Pin a rabbit decoration amongst the flowers at the back if desired.  

Look for Joy® Iron-on embroidered letters and letter sheets at your local craft stores.

Thursday, March 28, 2019

DIY Candy Basket

Even though my kids are long grown, I still love to give them an Easter Basket every year! 

Small is the name of the game since they are over 30, and I really like to personalize them too. Here is a fun way to turn a plain basket into a Candy Basket! This project took a little bit of time to make sure that I got the ribbon glued on straight and even, but it was still pretty easy.  I hope my kid loves it!

You will need:
  • Joy® Iron-on letter sheet
  • Small chip wood basket
  • 1 yd of lace trim
  • Beacon Fabri-Tac glue
  • Small, handheld iron
  • Ribbons/Seam binding

I love this bright green color! It is perfect for spring projects. Since the letters are iron-on, they can be used for pretty much anything!

1. Glue the fabric trim around the basket. Because this trim was meant to edge a pillow or blanket it has two raw edges. I glued the back facing layer of the binding to the outside of the basket, then wrapped the front facing layer over the lip of the basket, gluing it in place as well.

2. After the trim is in place, use a small, handheld iron to adhere the letters, starting from the middle letter and working out to make sure that it is even. You can also glue the letters in place, if that is easier.  Make two bows from seam binding then add them to the sides of the handle.

3. To finish, tie a big polka dotted bow on top! Add your candy and treats and you are done!

You can find Joy® iron-on letter sheets in different colors and fonts at your local craft store!

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Personalized Bridal Garter

Create a garter that will make the bride's day even more special!

When my niece got married, she wanted a special garter with her new name on it. So using a store-bought garter and Joy® Embroidered Iron-On Letters, I was able to make a gorgeous keepsake just for her!

  • Joy® Embroidered Iron-On Letters - 1" Metallic Silver or Gold
  • elasticized garter (found in the bridal section of most large craft stores)
  • iron
  1. Using an iron, attach the Joy® letters to the lace portion of the garter. Use the letters to spell out the bride's new name or her initials!
  2. Enjoy the big day!

Look for Joy® Iron-on embroidered letters and appliqués at your local craft store.
Letters, and letter sheets are available in different colors and fonts.