Friday, January 24, 2020

XO Valentine Tea Towel Set

Tea Towel sets for Valentines come in a pretty selection of designs. Perfect for a friendship gift for your favorite baker when personalized with some special touches. 

You Will Need
Joy®️ Embroidered Iron-on Letter Sheets
Valentine Tea Towel Set
1 yard mini  pom pom trim
1 yard tassel trim
1/2 yard of lace
1 yard of ribbon
1/2 yard of braid
9” x 12” craft cut Kunin Classicfelt™️ - Black
Beacon Fabri-tac®️ Adhesive


1. Cut out small black felt heart. Adhere white XO to center of heart and glue pom pom trim around edge. 
2. Glue tassel trim across lower edge of tea towel. Glue lace 1/2” up from lower edge. 
3. Adhere heart on top of the lace. 

4. Affix white X&O and black X&O to pot holder using iron and pressing cloth. 

5. Glue pom pom trim around edge of pot holder. 

6. Affix X&O to second tea towel. The one chosen had a heart in the design. Glue two rows of braid along the bottom then add ribbon bow. 

7. Wrap the tea towel set with Bakers twine and add a spatula in bright red to complete the gift.  

Joy®️ Letters and Numbers are available in a variety of sizes, fonts and colors at your favorite craft store. 

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