Monday, November 11, 2019

Thanksgiving Décor Blocks

Being thankful is always in season, so whether it's Thanksgiving or everyday, these blocks are perfect for kitchen decorating.  Stack them up, or arrange in a line on your mantle.

You will need:

Joy® Iron-on letters: 3-inch script letters -  E, D, B and T
Letter sheet - A T, R I N K, E and H A N K F U L
1/2" Classic Monograms - A N D

Smoothfoam blocks:  2 each 2x4x8 & 2x4x12
Craft paint:  Light Cinnamon, Alizarin Crimson, Primary Red, Slate Gray (DecoArt)
Flexible Modeling Paste
Craft knife
Palette knife
Tacky glue
Wax paper
Disposable plate

1. Using the craft knife, carefully cut blocks different sizes.  Blocks shown are about 6", 9", 8" and 12".  Cut off corners and edges to give a rough look.

2. Paint the blocks with a mix of reds and light brown.  Leave your paint streaky to make it look like an old brick. Mix gray paint and flexible modeling paste and apply with a palette knife for the grout.  Let dry.

3. Glue the letters to bricks as shown.

Other ideas:  Cover the blocks with patterned paper, or an old, brown grocery sack.  When using paper, you can iron on the letters to the paper, then glue it to the foam blocks.  Or, arrange the words on a plaque.  Of course, you can use whatever letters you like.  White letters can also be colored to coordinate with the paper.

Joy® Iron-on embroidered letters and numbers are available in a variety of colors, fonts and sizes at your local craft stores.

Friday, November 8, 2019

Oh My Gourd Banner

Turn a simple wooden pumpkin banner into a punny piece of home décor 
with Joy® embroidered letters!

You will need:
  • Joy® Iron-on embroidered letter sheets - White, Bubble
  • Joy® Iron-on embroidered letters - G O U R D - White, 3" Varsity 
  • Wooden Pumpkin Garland 
  • Distress Spray Stain - Peeled Paint
  • Tombow MONO Multi Liquid Glue
  • 6 Silk Leaves - Assorted
  • Ribbon - Assorted Colors
  • Paper Towels
  • Scissors


1.  Select the Joy® Iron-on embroidered letters to spell your message. Remove smaller ones from the letter sheet.

2.  Arrange all the letters on several layers of paper towel then gently mist with spray stain. Let dry completely.

3.  Use liquid glue with a fine tip applicator to attach O, H, M and Y to the first and second pumpkins.

4.  Remove backing paper from the back of each varsity letter to expose the adhesive, then attach one letter to each of the remaining five pumpkins. 

5.  Cut ribbon into 6" lengths then tie between pumpkins, securing a silk leaf between each one.

 You can find a wide selection of Joy® embroidered iron-on letters and alphabet sheets in different sizes at your local craft stores!

Monday, November 4, 2019

Give Thanks Turkey Shelf Sitter

Transform a clay pot with a little felt and fabric into a cute turkey with Joy® embroidered letters to greet for all your Thanksgiving visitors!

You will need:
  • Joy® Iron-on embroidered letter sheet - Mini Monogram Block, White
  • Distress Spray Stain - Vintage Photo
  • Tombow MONO Multi Liquid Glue
  • Kunin Felt - Sandstone, Burgundy, and Goldenrod
  • Clay Pot, Wooden Ball Knob, Brown Craft Paint, Paintbrush, Calico Fabric - Brown and Gold, Ribbon - Gold, Scissors, Permanent Black Marker, Paper Towels

1.  Create the clay pot turkey:  Paint the ball knob brown and attach to the clay pot.  Cut out feathers from brown calico and Sandstone Felt, attach to the back of clay pot.  Cut out legs from gold calico and feet from Goldenrod Felt, knot fabric legs loosely at the knee and attach to the inside front of the clay pot.  Cut out a beak from Goldenrod Felt and a waddle from Burgundy Felt, attach to the front center of ball knob.  Draw on eyes with a permanent marker and tie the ribbon around turkey's neck.

2.  Select the Joy® Iron-on embroidered letters to spell your message then remove them from the sheet.  

3.  Place letters on several layers of paper towel and mist with distress spray stain, let dry completely.

4.  Flip the letters over on your work surface and carefully apply liquid glue with a fine tip applicator.  Set aside to allow the glue to become tacky.

5.  Once the glue is tacky, carefully apply each letter of GIVE along the top and THANKS along the bottom of the clay pot.

Personalized clay pot turkeys would make the perfect hostess gift or place cards for your Thanksgiving dinner!

 You can find a wide selection of Joy® embroidered iron-on letters and alphabet sheets in different sizes at your local craft stores!

Friday, November 1, 2019

Create Fall & Thanksgiving Projects with Joy

It's November 1st!  Time to pack Halloween away and decorate for Fall. 
Personalize your Fall and Thanksgiving DIY projects with Joy!
Here are some additional projects to inspire your decorations this month....

With a wide variety of fonts, sizes and colors to choose from, decorating is quick'n EZ...

You can find Joy® embroidered, iron-on letters and numbers at your favorite craft stores.  If you need a special color, white letters are custom dyeable with markers, paint, dye and more!