Tuesday, August 27, 2019

School Spirit Wreath

College football season is upon us so it's time to show some school spirit!

deco mesh wreath college school spirit

Not just for college, this is the perfect project for all school sports teams!

You'll need the following supplies:
  • Joy® Iron-On Embroidered Letters 
  • Wire wreath form
  • Deco-mesh (school colors)
  • Assorted rolls of gross grain and burlap ribbon (school colors)
  • 18" of 3" wide ribbon for school letters
  • Adhesive foam board, or chipboard
  • Chenille stems

1. Weave the deco mesh back and forth thru the two, center wire rings then add wired burlap bows between the loops, securing each one to the wire with a 4" chenille stem.

2. Cut 6" to 8" strips of the patterned ribbon, scrunch and wrap with a chenille stem at the center, then add to the wreath.  Add additional strips of ribbon or burlap if desired.

3. Cut a strip of adhesive foam board or chipboard. Measure your wreath to determine length and measure the ribbon to determine the width. With the adhesive side facing the front, insert the ends under the outer and inner wire rings at the back as shown.


4. Expose the adhesive then cover with a strip of ribbon, or cover chipboard with glue. Remove the backing from your letters then adhere to the center as shown.  Voilà, you are now ready to get your spirit on!

There are so many other things you can make to decorate not just your home, but a school dorm room too! This pillow form was covered with fabric, then decorated it with the team cheer.  You can also create banners or pennants using felt shapes in your school colors.

You can find Joy® Iron-On letters and numbers and all your favorite crafting supplies at your favorite craft stores!

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