Sunday, August 4, 2019

Personalized Welcome Back to School Sign

Personalizing a "Welcome Back to School" sign for your favorite teacher is quick and easy with Joy® embroidered letters! 

You will Need:
  • Joy® Iron-on embroidered letter sheet - 1" white, red and blue (or your school's colors)
  • Joy® Iron-on embroidered number sheet - 1" white
  • School Sign - found at the Target Dollar Spot
  • Wooden Pencil Accents
  • Liquid Glue with fine tip applicator
  • Red Marker
  • Scissors


1. Select letters to spell out your personalized message from the Joy® Iron-on embroidered letter sheets and dry fit onto the sign. 

 2. Color the number 5 from the Joy® Iron-on embroidered number sheet with a red marker. Note: white letters and numbers are dyeable!  Let dry.

3.  To create punctuation, I carefully cut a period and an apostrophe shape from the letter Q with detail scissors.

4.  Turn all letters and numbers over then using a fine tip applicator, carefully apply liquid glue to the back.

5.  Apply letters to school sign and let dry.  Add wooden pencil accents found at the craft store.

The perfect gift for your favorite teacher at Back to School night!

You can find a wide selection of Joy® embroidered iron-on letters and alphabet sheets in different sizes at your local craft stores.

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