Sunday, July 28, 2019

Farm Sweet Farm

Whether you have a couple of pots of tomatoes on the patio or 50 acres, this farmhouse-style plaque is a quick way to decorate your kitchen or dining area.

You'll need:

Joy® 1 1/2" block letters - F A R M (2 ea)
Joy® 1 1/2" script letters - S W E E T

8" x 10" Frame 
Scrapbook paper for background
Double-sided tape
Tacky glue


1.  Remove glass and mat from frame. Set the glass aside.

2.  Trim the scrapbook paper to the size of the mat, then adhere to the mat with double-sided tape.

3.  Place back into frame.  Space and adhere block letters as shown.  

4.  Add glue to back of script letters and adhere at an angle between block letters.

Joy® embroidered letters are available at your local craft store in a variety of fonts, sizes and colors. White embroidered letters can also be colored.

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