Thursday, July 25, 2019

Cover Up!

This is Marley and me showing off a new cover up we made together...  sort of...

When an exuberant puppy meets Nana, there's bound to be an oops!  No worries, we fixed it with Joy!


You will need:

  • Joy® Embroidered, iron-on appliqué 
  • Iron and pressing cloth
  • Sharp detail scissors


1.  Carefully cut away the part of the appliqué you don't need and set aside.  Note: you can use later in case there's another "oops style" puppy greeting down the road. 

2.  Position the part of the appliqué you want to use over the hole then, following manufacturer's directions on the packaging, iron in place.

And voilà we're covered up the oops! Nana is happy and Marley is out of the dog house... 

You can find a variety of Joy® iron-on appliqués, letters and letter sheets 
at your favorite craft stores!

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