Sunday, March 24, 2019

Personalized Bridal Garter

Create a garter that will make the bride's day even more special!

When my niece got married, she wanted a special garter with her new name on it. So using a store-bought garter and Joy® Embroidered Iron-On Letters, I was able to make a gorgeous keepsake just for her!

  • Joy® Embroidered Iron-On Letters - 1" Metallic Silver or Gold
  • elasticized garter (found in the bridal section of most large craft stores)
  • iron
  1. Using an iron, attach the Joy® letters to the lace portion of the garter. Use the letters to spell out the bride's new name or her initials!
  2. Enjoy the big day!

Look for Joy® Iron-on embroidered letters and appliqués at your local craft store.
Letters, and letter sheets are available in different colors and fonts.

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