Thursday, January 3, 2019

"Love is all you need" Wall Hanging

Create a quick and easy wall hanging with a wood heart, your favorite pink or red paint and Joy iron-on letters and flower embroidered appliqués.  You'll want to leave it up all year long!

You will need:
Joy® Iron-On letters: 2" script L, Letter sheet and 2, pink flower sprays
Wood heart plaque - 10" bx 9.5"
Acrylic craft paint - DecoArt Wild Berry
    paintbrush, craft iron or glue, scissors


1.  Paint the front of the heart.
2.  Arrange then glue or iron the letters in place.  Note: The adhesive on the back of the letters will hold them in place until the adhesive is activated by the heat of an iron to create a permanent bond.
3.  Carefully clip the butterflies from the flower sprays. Adhere the flower sprays on either side of the heart at the top and the butterflies at the bottom.

Look for Joy iron-on, embroidered letters and appliqués at your local craft store. White letters can also be colored with fabric paint, markers, dye and more!

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