Saturday, December 15, 2018

Bags of Joy for the Season

Do you like to paint?  If you do, here's an easy and fun project to share, just in time for Christmas!  


Joy® Embroidered Letters:  5/8" classic Monograms; black
canvas craft bags:  5" wide x 10" high (to top of handles); white
craft paint (acrylic or fabric): black, white, orange, light blue and rose
paintbrushes:  small round, medium round, 1/4" & 1/2" flat shaders
permanent marker: extra fine point, black
glitter glue:  clear
cardboard:  thin; cut to fit inside of bag (5" x 5-1/2")
paper plates or palette
water container
paper towels
pressing cloth
ironing board 


1.  Place the cardboard inside the bag.  Repeat for each bag as you paint.

2.  Lightly pencil mark the placement for the eyes, the carrot nose and mouth.  Leave a 1-1/4" border at the bottom of the bag for painted decoration.  Refer to photos shown.

3.  Paint: eyes black and the carrot nose orange.  Allow to dry.  

4.  Cheeks:  Mix 3 parts water to one part paint.  Use the 1/2" shader and load the brush with the paint. Test on the paint palette before applying to the bag.  Apply to the bag in a circular motion for one cheek.  Fill in bare spots.  Repeat for the other cheek.  Allow to dry.

5.  Shade:  Apply 3 parts water to one part blue paint.  Load the 1/2" brush with water, shake off excess and dip the tip of the brush in the blue paint.  Test on palette for the right consistency.  Repeat and apply around each eye and the nose as shown.  Use a stylus or end of paintbrush handle to apply white dip dots on eyes and cheeks.  

6.  Bottom edge:  Paint the bottom edge of one bag with chosen color.  Allow to dry.  For stripes; use 1/4" flat brush and white paint for the stripes.  For each star:  paint a double X with tip of small round brush.  For polka dots:  Use a pencil eraser for uniform dots.

7.  Detail:  When the paint is completely dry; draw on details using the permanent marker.  This step is optional, though I like the effect.  Use the glitter glue to enhance the stars, stripes and polka dots.

8  Mouth:  The final and most important step!  Personalize each bag with a person's name using the letters to form the snowman's mouth.  Once letters are positioned, carefully press each letter into the canvas fabric using a pressing cloth and hot iron.  Check often to make sure the letters are not moving around.

I used my bags for cocoa kits!  Packets of hot chocolate, marshmallows, chocolate chips and candy canes fill each bag!  They are so cute!  Enjoy!

Designer tip for non-painters:

If you don't like to paint.....there's another option!  Cut nose and eyes from felt then adhere to the bag with fusible web.  A fancy fabric could be used along the bottom of the bag. Apply powder blush with an applicator for the cheeks. This would be a fun children's project.

Look for Joy® iron-on, embroidered letters and appliqués at your local craft store!

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