Friday, November 2, 2018

Fall Splendor

Bring the colors of Autumn into your home with a quick'n EZ arrangement...

You will need the following supplies:
Joy® embroidered, iron-on letter sheet - GOLD
Fall leaves and silk flower piks
Mason jar (or other glass container)
Glitter tulle - brown
2" Burlap ribbon - rust
Zip tie
Cardboard roll (from toilet paper)


1. Cut a length of burlap ribbon long enough to wrap around the mason jar with an additional 1" to overlap.  Remove each embroidered letter from the sheet then position at the center of the burlap.
Suggestions:  F A I T H   H O P E   P E A C E   L O V E   J O Y   F A L L  and more! 

2. Following manufacturer's directions on the back of the package, cover with a cloth and press the letters in place.

3.  Place the cardboard tube in the jar, then push the tulle into the jar between the tube and the glass. Option: You can also fill the area between the tube and the glass with yellow, or colored corn.

4.  Wrap raffia around the top of the jar and the burlap around the glass.  Mark where the burlap band overlaps, remove then secure with a staple at the top and bottom.  Slide the band back onto the jar.

 5. Bundle a variety of silk flowers and leaves together. Secure with the zip tie then place inside the cardboard roll with the bottom layer of leaves resting on the rim.  Trim the stems to the depth of the jar if needed.

You can find Joy® embroidered, iron-on letters, letter sheets at your local craft stores.

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