Sunday, June 3, 2018

Summer Welcome Wreath

Summer is knocking at the door, so brighten it up with a floral welcome wreath!

You will need:
  • Joy® iron-on letter sheet - turquoise; 1" letters to spell WELCOME 
  • Smoothfoam wreath form
  • burlap; natural, 3" wide
  • floral bush or piks; pastel colors of choice
  • ribbon: 1-1/2" brown wired; 1-1/2" brown and turquoise stripe
  • glue gun
  • floral wire
  • scissors
  • wire cutter   


1. Cut the flowers and leaves off of the main stem using the wire cutters.  Cut the stem close to the back of each flower, leaving up to 1/2".
2. Cut the ribbon into 6" lengths.  Cut a V in each end of one 6" length.  Fold ribbon in two, making a 1-1/2" loop.  Cut a 3" length of floral wire and secure the bottom of the loop.  Repeat with each piece of ribbon.  
3. Wrap and glue the burlap around the Smoothfoam wreath.

4.  Adhere the ribbon loops and tails to the wreath; spacing about an inch apart.  The loops should face the inside of the wreath, the tails extending at the outside edges of the wreath.

5.  Place and glue the flowers to the wreath between the ribbons as shown. Glue leaves between the flowers as shown in the photo given below.

6.  Remove the letters from the sheet to spell  W E L C O M E

7.  Place the letters on the wreath as shown then glue in place.

8. Hanger:  Cut a 5" piece of floral wire.  Make a 1" loop, twisting the tails together below the loop.  Place some glue on the middle of the top, back of the wreath; put the twisted portion in the glue.  Secure by gluing a small square of burlap over the wire so that the wire is secured between the wreath and the piece of burlap.  Hang on your door and enjoy!

Look for Joy® Embroidered Iron-on letters and letter sheets at your local craft stores.

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