Thursday, June 21, 2018

Patriotic Pillow

Make this quick and easy burlap pillow to add to your summer celebrations!

You will need:

Joy® iron-on letters and stars - 3" blue and white
Red burlap - Two, 14" squares
Dark blue or white embroidery thread
A blunt tapestry needle and scissors
12" pillow form


1.  Arrange the letters and stars on one of the burlap square.

2.  Remove the backing paper from each letter and star then press in place.  If you feel the pillow will be used a lot, cover with a pressing cloth and iron in place.

3.  Pin the squares together with the front facing out then sew 3 sides together, about 1" from the edge using a simple running stitch and embroidery thread.  Insert the pillow form then sew this side together.  

4.  Fringe the edges of the pillow edges by pulling away the threads from the edge up to the line of running stitches.

5.  Make more - they're so easy!  This is a great group project for kids or seniors.

Look for Joy® iron-on embroidered letters and letter sheets at your favorite craft stores.

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