Friday, May 18, 2018

Personalize a Re-usable Bag

 Bagging it up with Joy

Recycling has become an important part of life and re-usable bags are available for purchase almost everywhere we shop, just waiting to be personalized!

You will need:
  • Joy® iron-on letter sheet - black; 1-1/2" 
  • Individual letters to spell BAG - white
  • canvas bag
  • fabric paint:  light pink 
  • paint brush
  • ribbon: 2-1/2" black and white stripe
  • fabric adhesive
  • scissors
  • iron, ironing board
  • pressing cloth
  • water container, paper towels, paper plate
  1. Unwrap the white letters but leave them on the cardboard backing.  Lay on a paper plate then paint each one.  Let dry then remove the cardboard and the white, backing from the back of each letter.
  2. Select black letters to spell "URBAN".  
  3. Iron out any wrinkles on the canvas bag.
  4. Cut the ribbon to fit horizontally from side to side on the bag.  Adhere using fabric glue.
  5. Place the bag on the ironing board.  Add the letters then iron on using a pressing cloth following manufacturer's instructions on the back of the package.

Enjoy your urban bag and don't foget to make one for a friend! 

 Joy letters can be used to personalize bags, shirts, just about anything you can think of!  Check out more designs on the Creating with JOY blog. You can find Joy® iron-on embroidered alphabet letter sheets at your local craft store.

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