Friday, February 9, 2018

Quiet Time Baby Sign

Create a quiet time sign for baby's wall or door with JOY® letters.  They are durable and easy to use!

You will need:
Joy® Iron-on Embroidered Letters:  
    Baby Monogram Letters & Numbers - brown and Letter sheet - 1" black


Card stock 12" x 12":  corrugated - black; leaf patterned and brown Kraft 
Unfinished wood heart - 8"
Painted wood cut-outs:  Elephant, Sun & Cloud
Wire - 12"
Inkpad - Brown
Sponge wedge (cosmetic sponge)
Découpage medium (Mod Podge matte)
Sponge brush or paint brush
Iron and pressing cloth

1.  Trace around the wooden heart on the wrong side of the leaf patterned paper then cut out.  Cut a second heart from the black corrugated paper about 3/8" from the edge of the heart.

2.  Adhere the paper heart to front of the wood heart with découpage medium.  Working from the center to the outer edge, gently smooth away any air bubbles if necessary then seal the top of the paper with a coat of the découpage medium.  Center then adhere to the black corrugated paper heart.

3.  Referring to photo, cut rectangles of Kraft paper large enough to accommodate the letters T I P T O E and S H H.  Iron, or glue the letters in place on the paper strips. Press the sponge into the brown ink then color around the edge of each strip of paper.  Glue the letters B A B Y to the cloud.

4.  Glue the elephant and sun/cloud cutouts to black corrugated paper, trim the paper about 1/4" from the edges then glue in place on the heart.

5.  Drill a small hole at each side of the top of the heart. To create the hanger, thread the ends of a 12" piece of wire thru the holes from the back to the front.  Curl ends around the foam brush handle to keep in place.

With a variety of wood surfaces and painted shapes available at your local craft store, you can use Joy letters to create a variety of signs/door hangers for baby or child's room.  These would also be welcome baby shower gifts for a friend!


Joy® Letter sheets in a variety of colors and fonts are available at your local craft stores.

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