Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Custom Labeled Craft Storage Buckets

If organization is one of your goals for the New Year's, here's a fun idea for your craft room.

Small, metal buckets with burlap circles for labels will do the trick and they're easy to customize using Joy® iron-on letters.

You will need:

Joy® Baby Monogrammed Letters & Numbers sheet - Brown
Small metal buckets
Gesso - white
Craft paint - Baby Pink
Jute Twine - Pink
Faux burlap trim - White 
Natural burlap fringe
Burlap mini shapes – round
Diamond mesh – Pink
Large canvas flower
Ruffled roses
Silk leaves – Tan
Mini roses – Pink
Small roses – Cream
Xyron® 5” permanent  Adhesive Cartridge
Fabric glue
Tacky glue
Paint brush
Large eye/tapestry needle

1. Paint the outside surface of both buckets with gesso. Add a small amount of pink paint for a hint of color for one bucket.
2. Cut texture trims into 12” lengths.
3. Cut a length of faux white burlap long enough to wrap around the bucket and wide enough to cover the sides from top and bottom.  Pull a few strands away from the edges to fray.
4. Trim the burlap fringe to fit on top of the white burlap.
5. Cut diamond mesh to 3 stands in width.
6. Run all three lengths of textured trim through the Xyron® 5” permanent adhesive cartridge to turn them into stickers.
7. Place the white burlap on top of the pink bucket. Layer the natural burlap on top then the diamond mesh. Repeat this step to cover the white bucket, reversing the order of texture trims and diamond mesh.
8. Position, then iron the letters needed to spell the words PEN and TOOL onto the burlap circles following directions on the packaging. Iron one word on each circle.
9. Using the needle, thread one yard of pink jute twine thru the top of a burlap circle.  Center the circle at the front of the bucket then wrap the twine around 4-6 times. Tie the ends together under the circle.  
10. Glue 5 flowers to the top of each of the burlap circles as shown then adhere the 2 large and 2 small leaves under each cluster of flowers.
11. Fill the buckets with pens, or tools to finish.

Enjoy this short video on how to make this simple and functional gift.

Look for Joy® iron-on embroidered letters and numbers at your favorite craft store. They're available in different sizes, colors and fonts, suitable for every occasion.

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