Monday, January 15, 2018

Cozy Snow Pillow

Brrrr... it's time to cuddle up and enjoy the winter weather!

Now that the craziness of the holidays is behind you,  take time to create a cozy pillow, so you can cuddle up and enjoy the winter weather from inside.  You probably don't even need to venture out to the fabric store for fabric.  How about recycling an old pair of pajamas! Pillows are easy to make and with Joy® iron-on, embroidered letters, adding word art is a breeze!

  • Joy® Monogram Letters
  • Flannel to cover the size of the pillow you want to make. (Recycle flannel pajamas, or buy fleece by the yard.)
  • Basic sewing supplies
  • Batting
  1. Cut two pieces of flannel 1" longer and 1" wider than you would like your finished pillow to be. For example, if the finished pillow size is 14" x 10", each piece would need to be  the 15" x 10".
  2. Referring to directions on packaging,  position then iron the monograms to the front of the pillow. Use a pressing cloth and press your iron onto the letters. Turn the fabric over then press from the back. Allow the fabric to cool before handling.
  3. With right sides facing, pin the back and front pieces together.
  4. Use a sewing machine to stitch the pieces together, about 1/2"" from the edge. Leave a 4-5" opening at the bottom of the pillow.
  5. Pull the pillow cover right side out via the opening then fill with batting.
  6. Hand-stitch the opening at the bottom of the pillow to close.
You can also use a pillow form in place of batting and, if you don't like to sew, see how to make a quick and easy no-sew pillow cover here:

Joy iron-on, embroidered letters are available in a variety of fonts, sizes and colors. White letters can also be colored with dye, paint, markers and more to create custom colors!

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