Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Bean Bag Toss

Bean Bag Toss
Rain and snow can keep the kids indoors, but this fun game can help keep them occupied, and, when the weather is better, it can be used outdoors, too.  Arrange the pans farther apart for the older kids.

You'll need:

3" Joy® iron-on numbers, 1 - 6.
(Numbers are available in different sizes and colors, individually or in sheets.) 

Foil cake or pie pans
9" x 12" Felt.  One for each pan
Double-sided tape or glue
For bean bags:  sewing machine and thread, beans, pinking shears


1. Trace the bottom of the foil pan on the felt close to one end of the rectangle and cut out.  Use the excess felt to create a bean bag.

2. Use an iron to adhere a number to the center of each piece of felt, or glue in place then glue or tape the felt circle inside the pan.

3. Cut squares from the remaining felt.  Sew two squares together leaving a small hole.  Fill with beans then stitch closed.  Use pinking scissors around the edges if desired.

You can find a selection of Joy® iron-on numbers and letters at your local craft stores.

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