Sunday, December 30, 2018

It's a Girl!

Whether it's for a birthday, wedding, or baby shower, there's nothing better than 
a gift that is personalized!

You will need:
Joy® iron-on Left, Right & Center Embroidered Monograms
Fabric Gift bag

Fabric storage containers to complement a baby's room, are perfect for gift giving, especially when monogrammed with the baby's initials.

Embroidered letters can be ironed on to most surfaces. White letters can also be colored with fabric paint, markers, or dye to match any color scheme if needed.

Look for Joy iron-on, embroidered letters, letter sheets and floral appliqués at 
your favorite craft stores!

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Stamped Gift Bags

Bags of candy are the perfect gift for friends, neighbors and teachers for Christmas, New Year and guess what is just around the corner - Valentine's Day! 

You will need:
  • Joy® Baby Monogram Iron on Embroidered Letters
  • fabric paint
  • small stamps
  • ink pads
  • pre-made linen gift bags

1. Decorate the bag with stamped flowers using fabric ink and stamps. Flower shapes were randomly stamped across the bottom of each bag for these samples.

2. Use a permanent/waterproof ink to add leaves around the flowers.  Fabric paint normally has to be air dried for a certain period of time then heat set, so be sure to check the label of your bottle for directions.

3.  Joy letters are dyeable. Use a matching ink and rub the ink pad over the letters to color them. I then heat set them to make sure the ink doesn't smear.

4. Stuff the finished bags with a variety of chocolate bars - who on your list doesn't need need a little chocolate thank you??

You can find Joy® embroidered, iron-on letter sheets at your favorite craft stores.

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Joy to the World!




May your days be merry and bright
and filled with joy!


Friday, December 21, 2018

"Doctor Who" Inspired Messenger Bag

Are you a Whovian? Show your love of Who with Joy letters!

I am the first to admit it: I am a big sci-fi nerd! I love lots of different sci-fi movies, shows, and books, but my absolute favorite is "Doctor Who" -- I have been watching it since the mid-1980's! A friend sewed this amazing messenger-style bag (that looks like the Tardis) for me, and I used Joy® Iron-on Embroidered Letters to add the finishing touch.

You will need:
Joy® Iron-on White 1" Letters
Simplicity pattern 8274 -- Misses' Character Inspired Bags
Appropriate fabric, bias tape, magnetic closure, etc.

  1. Using Simplicity pattern 8274, create Tardis bag. I am the first to admit that I don't sew so I am not much help on this step! A wonderful friend sewed the bag for me using this particular pattern, but there are lots of patterns available for similar bags. You can also use a finished bag.
  2. Center the Joy® 1" white block letters on the bag's flap then iron in place following directions on the package. 
  3. Wear your bag with pride to your next convention!
You can find Joy® iron-on embroidered letters and letter sheets at your local craft store.

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Monogrammed Rose Tote

Give life to a old tote with Joy embroidered, iron-on flower appliqués and monograms!

You will need:
  • Joy® Embroidered Iron-On Letters 
  • Joy® Embroidered Iron-On Flower Appliqués - Roses
  • Canvas tote
  • Iron and Ironing Board


Arrange the roses and letters on your tote. Cover each with a piece of cotton fabric before ironing
according to the directions on each package.

Joy® iron-on, embroidered letters, numbers and floral appliqués are available in a variety of sizes, colors, and fonts at your local craft stores.

Saturday, December 15, 2018

Bags of Joy for the Season

Do you like to paint?  If you do, here's an easy and fun project to share, just in time for Christmas!  


Joy® Embroidered Letters:  5/8" classic Monograms; black
canvas craft bags:  5" wide x 10" high (to top of handles); white
craft paint (acrylic or fabric): black, white, orange, light blue and rose
paintbrushes:  small round, medium round, 1/4" & 1/2" flat shaders
permanent marker: extra fine point, black
glitter glue:  clear
cardboard:  thin; cut to fit inside of bag (5" x 5-1/2")
paper plates or palette
water container
paper towels
pressing cloth
ironing board 


1.  Place the cardboard inside the bag.  Repeat for each bag as you paint.

2.  Lightly pencil mark the placement for the eyes, the carrot nose and mouth.  Leave a 1-1/4" border at the bottom of the bag for painted decoration.  Refer to photos shown.

3.  Paint: eyes black and the carrot nose orange.  Allow to dry.  

4.  Cheeks:  Mix 3 parts water to one part paint.  Use the 1/2" shader and load the brush with the paint. Test on the paint palette before applying to the bag.  Apply to the bag in a circular motion for one cheek.  Fill in bare spots.  Repeat for the other cheek.  Allow to dry.

5.  Shade:  Apply 3 parts water to one part blue paint.  Load the 1/2" brush with water, shake off excess and dip the tip of the brush in the blue paint.  Test on palette for the right consistency.  Repeat and apply around each eye and the nose as shown.  Use a stylus or end of paintbrush handle to apply white dip dots on eyes and cheeks.  

6.  Bottom edge:  Paint the bottom edge of one bag with chosen color.  Allow to dry.  For stripes; use 1/4" flat brush and white paint for the stripes.  For each star:  paint a double X with tip of small round brush.  For polka dots:  Use a pencil eraser for uniform dots.

7.  Detail:  When the paint is completely dry; draw on details using the permanent marker.  This step is optional, though I like the effect.  Use the glitter glue to enhance the stars, stripes and polka dots.

8  Mouth:  The final and most important step!  Personalize each bag with a person's name using the letters to form the snowman's mouth.  Once letters are positioned, carefully press each letter into the canvas fabric using a pressing cloth and hot iron.  Check often to make sure the letters are not moving around.

I used my bags for cocoa kits!  Packets of hot chocolate, marshmallows, chocolate chips and candy canes fill each bag!  They are so cute!  Enjoy!

Designer tip for non-painters:

If you don't like to paint.....there's another option!  Cut nose and eyes from felt then adhere to the bag with fusible web.  A fancy fabric could be used along the bottom of the bag. Apply powder blush with an applicator for the cheeks. This would be a fun children's project.

Look for Joy® iron-on, embroidered letters and appliqués at your local craft store!

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Noel Ball Ornament & a Handmade Card

Christmas is a magical time to make some handmade ornaments and a card!

Personalize a handmade ornament with Joy® iron-on, embroidered letters!

You will need:
  • Joy® Iron-on Black 1" Letters - NOEL
  • Joy® Iron-on Gold Script 1" Letters - NOEL
  • ball ornament - handmade or store bought
  • Glue
  • handmade card

  1. Create a ornament or buy a pretty one you like and wrap a bow to the top of the ball.   
  2. Select phrase you wish from the letters, I chose "NOEL".
  3. Glue the letters to the front of the ball ornament.  
  4. You can also use the iron on letters for cardmaking.  Instead of a stamp or chipboard letter the embroidered letters make an elegant edition to any handmade card.
Both of these projects would make a wonderful gift.

Here is a quick video on how to make this ornament and card.

Look for Joy® iron-on embroidered letters, numbers and floral appliqués at your favorite craft store. 
They're available in different sizes, colors and fonts, suitable for every occasion.

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Rustic Farmhouse Style Christmas Ornaments

Joy® Embroidered iron-on letters makes it easy to create rustic 
farmhouse style Christmas ornaments.

You will need:
  • Joy® Embroidered iron-on letters - assorted
  • Wooden Ornaments
  • Tombow MONO Multi XL Liquid Glue
  • Glitter Glue
  • Glitter
  • Craft paint - white
  • 1/2" Flat brush

1. Draw snowflake shapes onto wooden ornaments with glitter glue.  Sprinkle on additional glitter, then shake off excess and set aside to dry.

2. Paint a stripe across the center of the wood ornament. Let dry.

3.  Select the Joy® Embroidered iron-on letters then position on the ornament to create the sayings. Move the letters around until you are pleased with the composition.

4.  Attach letters to ornament with MONO Multi Liquid Glue.  The fine tip makes application a breeze!

These are the perfect last-minute gift for teachers, neighbors, and friends!

Joy® iron-on embroidered letters and numbers are available in a variety of sizes, colors, and fonts at your local craft stores.

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Personalize your Christmas Stocking with Joy

Add a little personality to a simple linen stocking with Joy® iron-on letters, ribbons and trim! 

You will need:
  • Joy® Iron-On Embroidered Letter Sheet - Red
  • Ribbon, Trim and Twine
  • Buttons
  • Silver Snowflake Pin
  • Craft Glue
  • Pine Craft Stem
  • Jingle Bell

  • Depending on the fabric and lining content of your stocking, you can either iron on the letters or glue them onto the stocking with craft glue.
  • Make a simple bow by folding the ribbon over and tying the center tight with the twine.  
  • Add a jingle bell and a small piece of pine craft stem to the center of the bow and tie again with the twine.  
  • Add button to both ends of the twine and tie to the center of the bow.  
  • Trim the ends of the bow.
  • I switched out the plain wood button on the center of the button for one that better fits my style.
  • Glue trim and bow onto the front of the stocking with craft glue.
  • Embellish with a Christmas pin.
  • Add presents or greenery and berries to the inside of the stocking.
  • Hang from your mantel, or the stocking would make a great addition in the center of a Christmas Wreath.

Joy® iron-on, embroidered letters and number sheets are available 

in a variety of sizes, colors, and fonts at your local craft stores

Monday, December 3, 2018

Wreath Card Holder

You've got Merry Mail!  

Show off your cards on this quick and easy card holder made from a wire wreath!

You'll need:
3" Red Joy Iron-on letters to spell "Merry Mail"
18" wire wreath form
Apple green all-purpose acrylic paint or spray paint
Kunin® 9" x 12"  stiff felt - Apple green
Small wood clothespins
Red pom poms
2 yards of red ribbon
Glue Dots or other adhesive
Paintbrush & scissors


1.  Paint the wreath and clothespins.

2.  Remove the paper backing from the letters then place on the felt.  Iron the letters onto the felt following the manufacturer's instructions.  Trim the felt around the letters leaving a small border.  I used the Varsity 3" letters.  If you are using a smaller wreath form, use smaller letters in the center.
Varsity 3" letter
3.  Arrange the letters on the ribbon leaving ends to tie to the wreath.  Glue the letters to the ribbon then tie in the center of the wreath.  Another option is to clip the letters on the wreath.

4.  Glue one pom poms to the end of each clothespin.

Look for Joy® iron-on embroidered letters and numbers at your favorite craft store!

Friday, November 30, 2018

Holiday Towel Ring

Not just for embroidery, these wooden hoops are great for wreaths and even a 
guest towel ring for the bathroom!

You will need:
Joy® Embroidered letter sheets - Gold, Silver and Classic white monograms

8" Embroidery Hoop
Tulip Color Shot - Gold, or other gold paint
Drop cloth* or small piece of tightly woven fabric - 12" x 12"
1/4" Gold RicRac trim 
Craft iron
Glue gun & Lo-temp glue sticks
Small paint brush
Christmas greenery
Small Zip ties
Assorted ribbon & trims
*a drop cloth can be purchased at the hardware store for a few dollars, providing fabric for multiple banners and much more. 

1. Remove the small monogram letters from the sheet. Spray gold color shot onto a piece of wax paper, or paper plate, then using a small paint brush paint each letter - hold letters in place with a toothpick.  Let dry.

2. Cut a piece of drop cloth fabric about 12" x 12".  Iron to remove wrinkles. Separate the embroidery hoop then place the inner hoop on top of the fabric. Carefully remove gold and silver letters from the backing sheet then position on the drop cloth using the hoop as a guide for placement. Remove the hoop, cover the letters with a pressing cloth then iron in place.

3. Fold the top and bottom edges under, iron then position on top of the inner hoop. Place trim along the top and bottom edges. 

4. Push the outer hoop over the top then tighten the screw to hold in place. Trim excess fabric from the back of the hoop.

5.  Glue rope trim around the outside edge of the hoop. Measure then cut the length needed. Glue one end in place at the top, pull the rope tightly around the hoop then glue the opposite end in place.

6.  Attach greenery to the top of the hoop with small zip ties and gold ribbon loops/bow at the center.


7.  Add additional embellishments if desired. Small snowflake and adhesive jewels shown here.

8.  Use as is, or hang in the bathroom with a small towel for your guests!

 You can find Joy® iron-on embroidered letters and letter sheets at your local craft store.

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