Friday, November 3, 2017

Rustic Happy Fall Y'all Pumpkin Sign


I am always on the look out for cute items that can be upcycled to create one of a kind home decor pieces.  This rustic pallet pumpkin was just calling out to me from the Target dollar spot and with the addition of some Joy® iron-on embroidered letters, it quickly becomes a custom keepsake.

Select a combination of white Joy® iron-on embroidered letters to spell out your message.

To create the apostrophe, I carefully cut the leg from the capital letter Q with a pair of detail scissors.

Place the embroidered letters on an old towel in a cardboard box then spritz completely with brown spray ink stain.

Accent with a light misting of burgundy spray ink stain.  Set aside to dry completely.

Arrange the letters on the pallet until you are pleased with the composition.  

Peel the backing paper from the letters that spell FALL then adhere to the center of the pumpkin in a random fashion.  Line up the HAPPY above and the Y'ALL below, then iron on according to the directions on the package.

Using a hot glue gun, embellish with silk leaves, twine and a variety of green ribbons.

I hope that you have enjoyed my Rustic Happy Fall Y'all Pumpkin sign and that you will use this project as a jumping off point to showcase how YOU create with JOY!

Joy® iron-on embroidered letters and numbers are available in a variety of sizes, colors and fonts at your local craft stores.

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