Saturday, October 21, 2017

Monogrammed Scarf Slide

This monogrammed scarf slide is a great gift for a birthday or the upcoming holiday season, and it's so easy to make.  Gold pearl resin powder turns a white letter into an elegant accessory.

You'll need:
Joy® Iron-on letter - 1.5" white script*
Gold resin powder
Metal filigrees - one large and one medium
Leather scrap
Hot-fix crystals and wand
Filigree ring band
Tools:  paintbrush, water, scissors, jewelry glue

* White script letters are available in different sizes and can easily be colored with markers, paint, dye and more!

1. Paint the letter with gold resin powder.  Paint a few highlights on the medium filigree.

2. Trace around the large filigree on the back of the leather scrap and cut outside the tracing line.

3. Layer the leather, large filigree and medium filigree and glue together.  Iron the letter to the filigree with a craft iron.  Use the wand to adhere hot-fix jewels to the letter.

4. Glue the ring band to the back of the leather.  Slide onto scarf ends to wear.  Or, wear it as a pin by adding a pin back.

Look for Joy iron-on letters at your local craft store.

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