Thursday, October 12, 2017

Halloween Spells and Sorcery Books

Halloween is my favorite time of the year and I'm always looking for ways to re-purpose what I have in order to create some spooky new décor!

  • Joy® embroidered iron-on letters in various fonts.
  • Black felt
  • Scissors
  • Sewing needle and black thread
  • Orange permanent marker 
  • Wiggle eyes and/or other Halloween embellishments.
  • Fabric adhesive
  • Books of varies sizes; (paper or hardback).
  • White and brown acrylic paint 
  • Stencil brush



1. To make the book cover, cut a length of felt, long enough to wrap around the book from the front edge of the book cover to the back plus 4".  The width will need to be as tall as the spine of the book, plus 1/4".

2.  Fold each end under 2" then, using a basic stitch,  sew in place along the top and bottom edges.
3.  Wrap the cover around the book, tucking the front and back ends of the cover into the flaps.

4. Cut small strips of felt from scrap pieces,  then glue across the spine of the book.

5. Dip the dry stencil brush alternately into white and brown paint then gently wipe over the spine and other areas of the book cover to  'age'.   Set aside to dry.

6. Color the letters you chose for the titles with markers.
7. Adhere to the book spine with the fabric glue.

8. Add embellishments for the final touch.  For the décor on the cover of the "Spells" book, cut 2 ovals from the felt.   Adhere one oval to the front of the book.  Cut the center from the second oval to make a frame. Glue eyes on to the oval then add the frame.

You can find Joy embroidered iron-on letters in a 
variety of fonts, colors and sizes at your local craft store.

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