Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Halloween Centerpiece

halloween centerpiece lisa fulmer

The season of "BOO!" is almost upon us, so here's a quick and easy way to make a fun centerpiece.

- Joy®iron-on embroidered letters* and emojis
- Smoothfoam™ cube
- Smoothfoam™ balls
- Craft paint and brush
- Marbling inks
- Washi or duct tape
- Skewers
- Black paper
- Halloween stickers
- Glue, straight pins

marbled smoothfoam balls halloween

1.  Glue and/or pin paper to wrap around the cube and decorate with Halloween stickers.

2.  Poke a skewer into each of 5 smooth foam balls and paint the balls with two coats of orange. After they're dry, dip the balls in black and white marbling inks (follow package directions).

3. Wrap each skewer with decorative tape, then glue emojis and letters, B O O  in place.

4. Poke each skewer into the cube (make pilot holes first with the pointed end of another skewer) to create a bouquet shape as shown. If your decoration is a little top-heavy, glue pennies on the bottom of the cube to weight it, or make the skewers shorter.

halloween centerpiece lisa fulmer

You can find Joy iron-on letter sheets in different fonts and colors at your favorite craft stores!

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