Sunday, August 6, 2017

Name My Collar!

I found a puppy wandering in our neighborhood last week.  It had a metal tag on its collar with a phone number so I was able to call the owner and let her know I was looking after "puppy" until she could come and pick her up.  A story with a good ending to be sure, but one that reminded me to make sure my puppy's tags were on his collar and that his name could be clearly seen.


Joy® embroidered letters to the rescue!

I purchased a new collar at the local pet store and with a sheet of Joy small, classic monogram letters I solved the challenge in no time at all.


I removed the letters I needed for his name and, following the instructions on the back of the sheet,  ironed them one at a time onto his new collar.  


Now everyone will know his name!  

Tucker is a small dog and only needed a narrow collar, but Joy embroidered letters are available in different sizes, colors and fonts.  So, for example, the numbers on the Baby Monogram sheet would be perfect to add a phone number for a wider collar.  Larger numbers, and letters are perfect for larger dog collars.  Whatever your dog's name may be, Joy has got you covered......

You can find Joy embroidered letters at your favorite craft store!

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