Monday, July 3, 2017

Monogrammed Pendant

Make your own monogrammed pendant with Joy letters!

You'll need:

- Joy Monogram Set - right, center and left initials
- Red acrylic paint
- Gold resin powder
- 2.5” wood circle
- Two jump rings
- Tassel and fibers or chain for hanging
- Drill, scissors, paintbrush, sandpaper, craft iron

Here are the initials I used - the center letter is for my last name, and the left and right letters are for my first and middle names. You can find these embroidered monograms at larger craft stores like Michaels and Hobby Lobby.

Drill a hole in the wood circle for hanging. Drill another hole opposite for hanging the tassel. Sand and paint the circle with acrylic paint.

Add water to a small amount of resin powder and paint the letters by pouncing with the brush to fill the threads. Brush gold around the edge of the circle and ddd a small amount of gold in the center  Pounce over the top with more paint.

Use a hot craft iron to press and adhere the letters to the wood circle.

Make or purchase a tassel and attach it to the circle with a jump ring. Add a jump ring to the top hole and attach a chain or lengths of fibers.

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