Thursday, July 27, 2017

Fabric greeting card

fabric greeting card lisa fulmer

Fabric is so soft and yummy - try it in place of paper for your next handmade greeting card design. Plus you can easily iron on Joy embroidered letters to spell your sentiment like I did with hugs and kisses.

Iron a piece of paper-backed fusible web interfacing (tacky side down) to a piece of wool felt. Peel away the paper liner to reveal the adhesive, place your fabric on top and iron to adhere.

fusible web on felt

Trim your sandwich to fit within your desired card dimension. Use a rotary cutter with a quilting ruler and cutting mat to get nice clean edges. Use a pinking blade if you're concerned about frayed edges, but the fusible in the middle will also prevent fraying.

cut fabric

Stitch a little border around the edges by hand or machine with a contrasting thread color. Iron your embroidered letters into position, then embellish with buttons or bling however you like. I colored my Xs and Os with markers to match the fabric. Mount your little "quilt" on to card stock with a thin coat of fabric glue or a multi-surface adhesive sheet.

fabric card details

Joy iron-on embroidered letters are available at craft stores in a wide variety of sizes, fonts and colors.

joy embroidered iron on letters

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