Sunday, July 9, 2017

Emoji rosette fans

Are you planning on doing some entertaining during the coming summer months? I sure am! We have extended the living quarters from inside of the house to the backyard and deck. Anticipating hot sunny days, I have made up a bunch of emoji fans for guests who come to enjoy the dog days of summer with us.

You will need:

Joy embroidered emojis and letters
12x12" two-sided patterned scrapbook papers (1 sheet for each fan)
Self-adhesive craft sticks
Paper trimmer/scorer
Hot glue, craft adhesives
2" scalloped circles and 3" plain circles, punched/diecut from cardstock
Acrylic display cube


1.  Cut scrapbook paper into squares to fit the sides of your display cube. Use clear adhesive and apply the papers inside the cube. Glue some Joy emojis and a word to the front of the display cube.

2.  To make a fan - measure and score one sheet of paper every 1/2" from the top to the bottom. Cut into four 3x12" strips. Apply glue to the end of one fan-folded strip, match up to a contrasting pattern and adhere. Repeat, gluing all four pieces into one long strip. Glue the remaining two edges together into a 'cylinder."

3.  Flatten the cylinder into a circle and push the edges together toward the center until there is a 1-1/4" hole in the center. Hold in place and apply glue around the punched circle and press it over the hole. This will hold the circle fan in place. Turn the fan over and repeat for back side. Glue an emoji to the middle of the front of the fan.

4.  Adhere the top of the self-adhesive craft stick to the middle of the back side of the fan. Glue a 3" circle to the center of the fan, covering the top of the handle.

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