Monday, July 24, 2017

Custom College Apparel

It won't be long before school is in session and college teams and their fans will be gearing up for football, followed by basketball and then, before we know it, it'll be time for Spring baseball again.  Whatever the sport, we dress to support our local college heroes with custom T-shirts, hats and more for all seasons......


We're big fans of Texas Christian University and try to make it to the home games.  T-shirts are easy to find for me, but a hat that fits.... NO WAY.  Joy® iron-on letters to the rescue.  I found a child's black baseball hat that fit me to a "T" (as U will C), then decorated it with iron-on letters, embellished with TCU purple adhesive jewels. 


Joy iron-on letters are so easy to use.  Simply peel off the backing to expose the adhesive then press firmly in place.  The adhesive is not designed to be permanent.  It is primarily to hold the letters in place while you press with a small, dry (no steam) iron using a pressing cloth.  A craft iron is perfect for this step.  I wanted a little bling on my hat so I added the jewels to the front of the letter (this, of course is optional), 


I added a second set of letters to a purple shirt I had, but without the bling, since it will probably need to be washed often. White, dyable letters can also be colored with fabric pens, fabric paints and more allowing you to customize your apparel for any school or college team.

Now I'm ready for tailgating and kickoff - how about you?  GO FROGS!!


Joy iron letters are available at your local craft stores in a variety of fonts, sizes and colors, including white, which are dyable. 

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