Friday, June 30, 2017

Quick and easy emoji magnets

emoji magnets joy

You can make this cute emoji magnet in about five minutes! I really love the texture of these 1" Joy embroidered emojis - the adhesive on the back can be used as a stick-on or iron-on, making them super versatile. I like having lots of cute small magnets to hold notes on my fridge and the white board in my studio, so these fit the bill.

You don't need many tools or supplies to make these emoji magnets. Start by punching eight 1" circles from black cardstock. Glue them together in two sets of four each, so you end up with two nice and thick circles.

Stick a Joy embroidered emoji on top circle, and put a foam adhesive pad on the bottom circle. Stick the top and bottom together and you have a nice 1/4" dimension for your magnet, making it easier to pull on and off the fridge.

Add a piece of self-adhesive magnet tape to the back and presto! Your cute magnet emoji is done. Your kids could make a ton of these for their school lockers, too.

Make a whole set for a hostess gift - they're just too cute! Joy embroidered emojis are available at your local craft stores.

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