Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Emoji Bottlecap Jewelry

Emoji bottlecap jewelry is a quick and easy summer project for the kids, or you could even start your own little enterprise and make this jewelry to sell. This would be a perfect group project at a birthday party, too.  I am a grown -up (at least on most days...) and even I had fun making these quick and easy necklaces and earrings.

Here's what you will need:

- Joy Embroidered Emojis
- Leather cord
- Bottle caps from the craft store  (These have holes drilled in top & bottom of the rim)
- Large jump rings
- Beaded dangles
- Earring findings
- Adhesive for jewelry-making
- Scissors
- Needlenose pliers

1.  For the necklace, choose an emoji; peel it from the release paper and push it into the bottle cap with a little adhesive to secure. Center the pre-drilled holes so the emoji face is upright. Use the pliers to open a large jump ring and attach it to the top of the bottle cap (emoji head). Close the jump ring.

2.  Use jump rings to attach a beaded dangle to the bottom hole in the bottle cap. I used beads that already had a jump ring attached. I used some lobster clasps to attach the beads to the bottle caps.

3.  Decide how long you want your necklace to be and cut a length of leather cord. Thread the cord through the jump ring at the top of the bottle cap.  Match the ends of the string and tie a knot to secure.

4.  For the earrings, adhere emojis inside a pair of bottlecaps. Glue an earring post to the back of the bottle cap. Allow the glue to dry thoroughly. Beads can be added to the earrings too - jazzing them up with some more embellishments makes for even more fun!

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