Saturday, June 3, 2017

Easy No-Sew Children's Apron

Create this easy children's apron from a dish towel! Choose a checked grid pattern to make it easy to line up the letters.

You'll need:
- Dish towel
- Joy Iron-on letters
- 2 yards extra-wide double-fold bias tape
- Felt pen
- Iron, press cloth
- Fabric glue

After ironing the dish towel, cut out armholes on one end. Hold up the towel across your child's chest to mark where to cut.

Color your letters with a felt pen to match the towel.  I left them right on the paper backing while I colored them. 

Place them on the towel and iron them on following the instructions on the package.

Iron your bias tape, then position it around the arm holes, leaving a loop at the top big enough for the child's head - approximately 14". Glue in place, or pin and stitch if you have a sewing machine.

Look for Joy Iron-on letters at a craft retailer near you!

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