Friday, May 12, 2017

Tween Crafts - Emoji Cuff Bracelets

My daughter is almost twelve and she loves everything emoji, so when I showed her the new iron-on embroidered emoji patches by Joy, she was thrilled! Of course, my first project using them had to be especially made for her, so I created some emoji bracelet cuffs. It's a quick and easy project, so tweens and teens could easily create them on their own, then mix and match them to wear and trade with friends.

Supplies for Emoji Cuff Bracelets:

- Joy Iron-on Embroidered Emojis
- Felt strips in a variety of colors
- Embroidery floss and needle
- Hook and loop sew-on tape (aka Velcro)
- Iron and pressing cloth


I used pink, blue and yellow felt for the outside of the bracelet and black for the interior as I thought these colors matched the emojis the best. 

Cut the felt into 1.5" x 10" strips. You need two strips for each bracelet. Check to be sure the length will fit around your child's wrist and adjust as needed.

Iron the emoji on to the center of one of the felt strips. When ironing onto felt, be sure to use a pressing cloth as some felt can burn and stick to your iron. 

Hand-stitch the emoji strip to another plain felt strip using decorative embroidery floss and a running stitch.

Stitch a patch of hook and loop tape on to each end of the strips. Place one side of the tape onto the front of the bracelet and the other at the opposite end on the back.
I was able to make three cuff bracelets within an hour, so they would make a great activity for a tween's party or sleepover. Have fun!

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