Saturday, May 27, 2017

Paper vacation wreath

lisa fulmer paper vacation wreath

I saw this idea online recently for covering a foam wreath form with strips of paper and I loved it! I thought it would be a great design for commemorating your vacation using your favorite scrapbook papers and photos, along with Joy letters to spell out the place you visited.

joy embroidered iron on letters

- Joy embroidered iron-on letters
- Foam wreath form
- Scrapbook paper
- Paper punches
- Adhesive
- Straight pins, ribbon
- Clothespins
- Scissors, paper trimmer

1.  Trim strips of paper to 2"x12" and wrap them around the wreath form to ensure you like the length - trim shorter if desired.

2.  Apply adhesive to the back of each strip and wrap them around the wreath as shown, slightly overlapping. Align and press the edges together first, then rub the strips down toward the wreath form to adhere.

3.  Clip each strip and push a pin into the back to keep it in position as it dries; cover the entire wreath with glued strips.

4.  Crop photos with a large circle punch, trim away one edge and glue to a solid contrasting circle of paper as shown. Use the solid area to write a word or two about the photo if you like. Pin the photos around the wreath.

5.  Trim the edges of each glued strip into flag points.

6.  Glue the letters on to small punched shapes - I layered a small circle on top of a postage stamp. Glue your vacation word on to the wreath - I glued just the bottom edges of each stamp so the letters would pop out from the inside of the wreath a bit.

Pin a small length of ribbon into a loop on the back for hanging and enjoy the memories of a great trip!

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