Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Monogrammed Spring Wreath

Monogrammed wreaths are so popular now, so when I saw the new large letters from Joy, I knew I wanted to create one for spring.

Here's what you need:

JOY Iron-on Letter
Ecru fabric dye
12" grapevine wreath
Silk flowers and leaves
Wired and burlap ribbons
Faux bird with nest
Mini foam eggs
Light blue paint
Hot glue

Mix one cup of hot water and 1 tablespoon of dry dye. Stir to dissolve the dye and dip in the letter for a minute or two to color it. Place it on paper towels to dry.

Arrange and glue flowers on the wreath form as shown. Make a simple bow with the wired ribbon and glue the burlap ribbon around the center. Glue the bow in the center of the flowers. Cut more ribbon for the tails of the bow and glue under the flowers on either side.

Sand and paint the foam eggs and glue them in the nest. Glue the nest and the bird on to the wreath, then glue the letter. If more stiffness is desired, iron the letter onto fabric-covered board first, then trim around the letter.

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