Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Mister Cool T-Shirt

Even little ones like to look "cool" and it's so easy to give them that "special look" with 
Joy® iron-on embroidered letters!

I was at my local "Wally World" a few days ago and happened to pass by the kids clothing section. SALE caught my eye and I picked up this simple shirt and pants for less than $4.  

They were cute, but could be a whole lot cuter. So, before heading home, I stopped by the craft store and picked up some iron-on embroidered letters and emojis.  

After putting groceries away, I pulled out my iron and a pressing cloth and 10 minutes later, I had the cutest outfit for my grandson!  

Per the instructions on the packaging, it's always best to wash clothing first before adding the letters, but I couldn't wait, the kids were already on their way over and if I waited till their next visit, they might not fit! Kids grow so quickly.   I knew too that a little fabric glue would be an easy fix if they started to come loose after multiple trips to the washer and dryer....  

Not just for fabric, Joy iron-on letters are a quick and easy way to personalize a variety of different surfaces.  Check out our gallery of projects on Pinterest for more ideas and inspiration.

Joy iron-on embroidered letters are available in a variety of colors, fonts and sizes 
and a full army of emojis 😎😍😝.  Perfect for everyone in the family!  

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Paper vacation wreath

lisa fulmer paper vacation wreath

I saw this idea online recently for covering a foam wreath form with strips of paper and I loved it! I thought it would be a great design for commemorating your vacation using your favorite scrapbook papers and photos, along with Joy letters to spell out the place you visited.

joy embroidered iron on letters

- Joy embroidered iron-on letters
- Foam wreath form
- Scrapbook paper
- Paper punches
- Adhesive
- Straight pins, ribbon
- Clothespins
- Scissors, paper trimmer

1.  Trim strips of paper to 2"x12" and wrap them around the wreath form to ensure you like the length - trim shorter if desired.

2.  Apply adhesive to the back of each strip and wrap them around the wreath as shown, slightly overlapping. Align and press the edges together first, then rub the strips down toward the wreath form to adhere.

3.  Clip each strip and push a pin into the back to keep it in position as it dries; cover the entire wreath with glued strips.

4.  Crop photos with a large circle punch, trim away one edge and glue to a solid contrasting circle of paper as shown. Use the solid area to write a word or two about the photo if you like. Pin the photos around the wreath.

5.  Trim the edges of each glued strip into flag points.

6.  Glue the letters on to small punched shapes - I layered a small circle on top of a postage stamp. Glue your vacation word on to the wreath - I glued just the bottom edges of each stamp so the letters would pop out from the inside of the wreath a bit.

Pin a small length of ribbon into a loop on the back for hanging and enjoy the memories of a great trip!

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

"Moody" emoji dress for girls

We have someone in our household who changes moods with the breeze. Two-year-olds are a joy, but they are moody some days! I thought this "moody" emoji dress was the perfect thing to show off her personality. 

- Plain toddler dress from the craft store
- Joy Embroidered Letters and Emojis
- Ribbon flowers and narrow ribbon
- Needle and thread
- Iron

Start by laying your dress down on your ironing surface. Line up your letters and emojis using a ruler to get your spacing right. Iron on each piece, following the directions on the packages.

Tie a bow using a thin ribbon, then stitch the bow to the dress as shown. Stitch the ribbon flower on top of the bow. Make sure both are secure and well-knotted so little hands can't pull them off.

I used these fun, chunky style letters - they come in several colors, perfect for all your projects. There are several styles of emojis - collect them all!

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Quick and Easy Monogram Tea Towel

joy embroidered iron on large monogram letter

I have to say that I am just IN LOVE with the Joy Embroidered Large Monograms! They are approximately 6” tall in a lovely script that will coordinate with so many home décor projects. With Mother’s Day and wedding season right around the corner, a bright and cheery monogrammed tea towel would make the perfect gift!

Wash and dry the tea towel, then iron flat. Select your Joy iron-on letter and some matching trim to give your tea towel a finished look.

Apply the trim to the hem of the tea towel with fabric glue. Measure to the center of the tea towel and iron on the letter according to the package directions.

I hope you will use this quick and easy monogram tea towel project as a jumping off point to start creating with joy! Joy embroidered iron-on letters, numbers and symbols are an excellent way to personalize anything and everything - the possibilities are endless. Find them at your local craft retailer in a variety of colors and sizes.

Share your projects with us on our Facebook page - Creating with Joy.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Heartbreaker emoji sweatshirt

iron on emoji patch sweatshirt teen

My teenage son was intrigued when I showed him my stack of new emoji iron-on patches.

"Can I use one?" he asked.

Curious to what was in his head, I said "yes" on one condition.

He had to let me photograph whatever he made. He agreed.

After deciding on the perfect placement, he even ironed on the patches himself.

I have to admit it turned out really cute.

Ask for Emoji iron-on patches at your local craft store.

Monday, May 15, 2017

A canvas tote bag with a special message

joy letters tote bag

We all know cancer sucks, right?  As life goes on, we all will know someone who has a battle going with cancer. A dear friend of mine is undergoing chemo and radiation. Since I couldn't be there, I wanted to send her something to give her comfort and to show her that I care.

I decided to send her a warm hug by making her a fleece blanket with a carrying bag. For an extra special touch, I ironed Joy embroidered letters to the back of the bag. I have included pictures of the process and hope that this inspires you with one way to share some love.

I used the corners that I cut from the fleece blanket to make a little quilt pattern on the front of the bag. I backed each fleece square with a contrasting square of felt and some cotton batting behind that. This step isn't mandatory, but I like the way it shows off the front and back of the fleece blanket.  I stitched the buttons to the fabric and glued each large patch to the bag using fabric glue.

I purchased 2 yards each of two fleece fabrics. If you have never made a fleece blanket there are many tutorials to be found on the internet. A yard and a half of each fleece make a nice blanket as well. There are several ways to tie the knots and you can choose your favorite.

The tote bag was purchased at the craft store and all I had to do was iron on the letters. Make sure the bag is large enough to hold the folded blanket.  It is OK to squish it a little bit!

I love Joy embroidered letters.  I got to send a message of love and it was so quick and easy to make!

Friday, May 12, 2017

Tween Crafts - Emoji Cuff Bracelets

My daughter is almost twelve and she loves everything emoji, so when I showed her the new iron-on embroidered emoji patches by Joy, she was thrilled! Of course, my first project using them had to be especially made for her, so I created some emoji bracelet cuffs. It's a quick and easy project, so tweens and teens could easily create them on their own, then mix and match them to wear and trade with friends.

Supplies for Emoji Cuff Bracelets:

- Joy Iron-on Embroidered Emojis
- Felt strips in a variety of colors
- Embroidery floss and needle
- Hook and loop sew-on tape (aka Velcro)
- Iron and pressing cloth


I used pink, blue and yellow felt for the outside of the bracelet and black for the interior as I thought these colors matched the emojis the best. 

Cut the felt into 1.5" x 10" strips. You need two strips for each bracelet. Check to be sure the length will fit around your child's wrist and adjust as needed.

Iron the emoji on to the center of one of the felt strips. When ironing onto felt, be sure to use a pressing cloth as some felt can burn and stick to your iron. 

Hand-stitch the emoji strip to another plain felt strip using decorative embroidery floss and a running stitch.

Stitch a patch of hook and loop tape on to each end of the strips. Place one side of the tape onto the front of the bracelet and the other at the opposite end on the back.
I was able to make three cuff bracelets within an hour, so they would make a great activity for a tween's party or sleepover. Have fun!

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Custom Book Strap

So you know those "free" belts that sometimes come with shorts or pants? They are not really your style, so you pull them off and use your own. But those belts can be functional in other ways, like this custom book strap I made for my art supplies. Keeps everything together for on-the-go creating!

- Joy Embroidered Iron-on Emojis
- Joy Embroidered Iron-on Letters
- Canvas belt
- Watercolor paints and brush
- Iron and pressing cloth

Wrap your books and/or art supplies with the belt and secure snugly.
Mark the placement of your letters and emojis, then carefully undo the belt.
Cover the letters with a pressing cloth and iron on to the belt according to the package directions.

Paint the letters as desired with watercolors. Heat-set the color by ironing again with the pressing cloth.

Here's a idea I did for my pencil case that sometimes doesn't stay shut - I hand-stitched a bit of wide elastic to fit the case and then ironed on an emoji patch.
Cute and functional!

Don't forget to share YOUR projects on our Creating with Joy Facebook page!

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Wood State Plaque

wood home plaque

Want to show where your heart is, no matter where you live? With Joy letters, you can always celebrate wherever you call home. Can you guess which state I live in, just by the shape of this plaque?

I brushed the unfinished wood with chalk paints and pickling wash. Once the paint was dry, I then added letters to spell out the word "home" using a small craft iron. It gets hot enough to melt the adhesive on the letters and stick to the wood!  Classic Monograms were used for this project.  They are available in two different font styles and the white ones are dyable!

I love the way that these embroidered iron-on letters give texture to the sign that I couldn't get with just paint or vinyl lettering. It really gives the project an extra-special touch.

Check your local craft store for a wide variety of Joy® Iron-on, embroidered letters.  
They are available in different fonts, colors and sizes!

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Monogrammed Spring Wreath

Monogrammed wreaths are so popular now, so when I saw the new large letters from Joy, I knew I wanted to create one for spring.

Here's what you need:

JOY Iron-on Letter
Ecru fabric dye
12" grapevine wreath
Silk flowers and leaves
Wired and burlap ribbons
Faux bird with nest
Mini foam eggs
Light blue paint
Hot glue

Mix one cup of hot water and 1 tablespoon of dry dye. Stir to dissolve the dye and dip in the letter for a minute or two to color it. Place it on paper towels to dry.

Arrange and glue flowers on the wreath form as shown. Make a simple bow with the wired ribbon and glue the burlap ribbon around the center. Glue the bow in the center of the flowers. Cut more ribbon for the tails of the bow and glue under the flowers on either side.

Sand and paint the foam eggs and glue them in the nest. Glue the nest and the bird on to the wreath, then glue the letter. If more stiffness is desired, iron the letter onto fabric-covered board first, then trim around the letter.

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