Sunday, March 12, 2017

Crafty Girl DIY tote bag

What brings more joy than a bag full of creative supplies for that special crafty girl? Not much, in my opinion. Find out how to make your own tote here!

You will need:

Joy embroidered letters
Black canvas tote bag
Grosgrain ribbons
Silk flower (cut away the stem)
Scissors, iron
Fabric glue, hot glue gun


1.  Lay the tote bag flat and iron out the store folds. Measure the ribbons across the front of the bag, cut to desired length and glue in place as shown with fabric adhesive.

2.  Position the letters on the front of the bag. Cover the letters with a tea towel and press with a hot iron until they are permanently adhered.

3.  Adhere the flower with a glue gun - glue the petals down too, if they are too floppy. The flower can be positioned in a number of ways - I chose to place it on one side instead of the center so it wouldn't get in the way under your arm if you wear the bag over your shoulder.

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