Thursday, March 30, 2017

Flower Power Messenger Bag

flower power messenger bag

I picked up a couple plain canvas messenger bags for painting - because wearable art rocks! Working with acrylic inks and fabric paints, I started giving the front flap a little psychedelic color.

plain canvas messenger bag

By misting the canvas first with water, I could get a nice "bleed" on all my drops of ink. In some areas, I brushed the edges out even further.

painting canvas messenger bag

After adding and blending a few colors to cover the flap, I let it sit for a couple hours until it was mostly dry, but still a bit damp. Then I randomly paint-stamped a few shapes all over and let it dry overnight. Because the fabric was slightly damp, I was able to stamp some faint "ghost" shapes with transparent fluid acrylic pink and yellow paints that absorbed more into the fabric. I used opaque paints for the green and blue shapes.

joy embroidered iron on letters

Once the flap was completely dry, I was able to iron on my letters to spell "flower power." Now I'm still trying to decide what color I want to paint the rest of the bag - I'm thinking black, so the bright colors on the flap really stand out. So fun!

paint stamp messenger bag

Monday, March 27, 2017

Sunglass Case Makeover

I picked up a free sunglass case at the thrift store the other day. I was looking for something to makeover with my new patent leather paints - I love the look of shiny patent leather. And... in red? Oh my!

Combine fresh paint with embroidered letters from Joy and you have a custom, personalized gift that's quick and easy to make.

Apply two even coats of patent leather paint on the sunglass case with a soft bristle brush. The paint will have a tacky feel as it dries between coats. Glue your letters in place - done!

Joy iron-on embroidered letters are available at your local craft store in a variety of fonts, sizes and colors.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Monogrammed Spa Robe

Spas and hotels always have lush monogrammed robes that feel so luxurious. But you can make your own for a fraction of the cost with Joy embroidered iron-on letters!

I started with a plain fleece robe that I picked up at an after-Christmas sale for just a few dollars. I then ironed-on two cursive style letters from Joy for my monogram. These letters are amazing because they give the look of expensive embroidery for a fraction of the price!

So wrap yourself in luxury! This robe would also make a great addition to an expectant mom's "hospital go bag" or for bridesmaids' gifts!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Update a Vintage Napkin for Easter

I really love vintage table cloths and as a result, I have a plethora of matching vintage napkins sitting around. I am always looking for fun ways to update them - today I want to share a fun way to turn a vintage napkin into a cute hand towel for Easter.

  • Joy iron-on embroidered letters
  • Vintage cloth napkin
  • Assorted ribbons and trims
  • Heat N Bond fusible tape 
  • Sewing machine, iron, ironing pad

I started by layering my trims on one edge of the napkin. I used the Heat N Bond to secure the ribbons on top, trimming after they were ironed down. I turned the trimmed edges to the back of the napkin and sewed them down.

I applied the Joy letters using the instructions with the packaging. In just a couple of minutes, you can change and personalize anything to suit your needs. Happy Easter! 

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Monogrammed Neck Roll Pillow

My mother recently requested a new neck roll pillow in bright cheery colors. While I was at it, I made one for myself as well. You can use them in the home or while traveling.

Supplies needed:
  • Joy iron-on embroidered letters 
  • Fabric of choice,  16 ½" x 25 ½"
  • 1" x 20" ribbon
  • Two 5" fabric circles
  • 1 large safety pin
  • Scissors, pins
  • Sewing machine and thread
  • Hot iron/ cotton setting and parchment paper
  • Stuffing

1.  Place your Joy letters face-up on your prepared fabric. Place the parchment paper over the letters and press down with the iron twice in 5 second intervals. Let cool, then repeat the process without the parchment paper.

2. With the fabric wrong-side up and horizontal, fold the sides over by 1/2" and sew in place with the machine. This will make the channel for the ribbon ties.

3.  Place one of the circles in the center of the fabric along the stitched edge and sew in place as shown.

4.  Fold your fabric with right sides touching. Pin in place if needed and begin sewing - careful not to close up the ribbon openings.

5. Attach the safety pin to the top of your ribbon.

6.  Push the safety pin with the ribbon attached through one of the openings as far as you can go. Feel through the fabric from here on in. Pinch the back end of the safety pin and push more fabric over it from the front. Then, push another length of fabric over the safety pin, and so on. Until the safety pin emerges through the other side. Repeat process with 2nd ribbon on the other opening.

7.  Fold your pillow, aligning the ribbon openings and make sure the ribbon ends are the same length.

8. The center crease at the opposite of the ribbon openings is where you will need to add a box-stitch, on the inside of the pillow to hold in place the ribbon so it does not come loose when tying shut.

9. Fill pillow with desired amount of fluff.

10. Then push circle flap in and pull the ribbon tight before tying into a bow.

Lay back and enjoy your pillow!

JOY Embroidered letters can be found at your local craft stores in a variety of sizes, colors, simple and decorative fonts. Visit our Facebook page for more inspiration!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

DIY Tea Towel

As part of our New Year resolutions (which we are actually sticking to!), we're eating more fruits and vegetables and are being careful about washing them. I've noticed however, that some members of family aren't great about how they dry their fruit after washing it. They'll often grab a towel that's hanging up (that was used to wipe up counters, ICK!), or a paper towel (a better health option, but not great for the environment). So I whipped up a few tea towels that are only to be used for drying our fruit & veggies AND labeled them, because I know how my family operates and that's the only way they will remember which towel to use.

It's so easy (and cute) to label pretty much anything with Joy iron-on embroidered letters. You can make your own tea towel like I did (instructions below), or buy a cute towel from the store. All you have to do is iron on the letters! Here a couple of tips:

  • Place the letters onto the towel, carefully lay a pressing cloth over them, then press your hot iron down. It will take about 20 seconds for the letters to adhere.  
  • Allow the fabric to cool completely before you start moving it around. Remember: "Hot Forgets, Cool Sets." 
  • Flip the project over and press again (over where the letters are on the other side) to ensure that you have fully adhered the letters to your fabric. 
And here's the tea towel sewing tutorial I promised:

    2 pieces of 18" x 10" solid fabric. This will allow for a 1/4" seam allowance. 
     4" x 10" piece of printed fabric
     Basic sewing supplies and a sewing machine
     Joy iron-on embroidered letters


1.   I used a linen fabric for the front and a cute, cotton print for the back. Fold the printed fabric strip lengthwise, folding each long side, one inch toward the middle. Press, then to stitch along the long edges.
2.   Pin the print onto the solid piece of your towel,  3" above the bottom edge. Stitch into place.
3.   Pin the top and back pieces, right sides facing, together. Stitch around the edge, leaving an inch or two at the top of the towel to turn it out.
4.   Turn out the towel and press. Fold the opening in and pin in place.
5.   Top stitch around the edge of the towel, making sure to close the opening.
6.   Place the letters, then follow the ironing instructions above.

I hope you enjoy this tutorial. If you are in the mood to wash a few apples after making your lovely towel,  pop over to Laura's blog for a delicious Sauteed Apple Recipe!

Joy iron-on embroidered letters are available at your local craft store in a variety of fonts, sizes and colors.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Crafty Girl DIY tote bag

What brings more joy than a bag full of creative supplies for that special crafty girl? Not much, in my opinion. Find out how to make your own tote here!

You will need:

Joy embroidered letters
Black canvas tote bag
Grosgrain ribbons
Silk flower (cut away the stem)
Scissors, iron
Fabric glue, hot glue gun


1.  Lay the tote bag flat and iron out the store folds. Measure the ribbons across the front of the bag, cut to desired length and glue in place as shown with fabric adhesive.

2.  Position the letters on the front of the bag. Cover the letters with a tea towel and press with a hot iron until they are permanently adhered.

3.  Adhere the flower with a glue gun - glue the petals down too, if they are too floppy. The flower can be positioned in a number of ways - I chose to place it on one side instead of the center so it wouldn't get in the way under your arm if you wear the bag over your shoulder.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Quick and easy St. Patricks Day banner

The day of the leprechaun is just around the corner and you can make this quick and easy banner for St. Patrick's Day in just under an hour. Maybe it will bring me some LUCK this year!

I hope this lucky shamrock banner inspires you to create some St. Patrick's Day themed home decor items.

Paint five wooden shamrock shapes in five different shades of green craft paint. Let dry, then apply a second coat, if necessary.

Apply liquid glue to the edges of each shamrock. This glue applies white, but dries clear and tacky. I always let it set up overnight.

Once the glue is dry and clear, apply release-foil by pressing and burnishing gently with your fingers, then peel back. Repeat until all the edges are covered.

Attach shamrocks to rainbow ribbon with clear adhesive tabs. I chose to hang my shamrocks in an ombre fashion from lightest to darkest, but any combination of greens would work! Use an extra long, single length of ribbon with an arch at the top to resemble an actual rainbow.

I love the shimmering gold thread that these JOY embroidered letters are made from. They really give any project extra sparkle and are perfect for this St. Patrick's Day wallhanging!  Select letters to spell LUCKY and position on shamrocks.  The letters just pop right off the sheets that they come packaged on and the iron-on adhesive is already on the back, which makes any kind of personalized project quick and easy!

Iron on the letters following the directions on the back of the package.  I use a small craft iron because it allows me to get into small areas and doesn't have any steam holes, which can sometimes cause an uneven application of the embroidered letters.

Once cool, just hang and enjoy! Thanks for stopping by!  -Beth

Monday, March 6, 2017

St Patrick's Day Banner

It's almost St. Patrick's day, the day to raise a glass, tuck into a meal of corned beef and celebrate!  
By the way, you don't have to be Irish to join in the fun......

To create a banner for your celebration you'll need the following supplies:

Joy Embroidered Letters
12" x 20" Piece of canvas fabric
3 Pieces of felt - Dark Green, Medium Green and Light Green
Sticky back black felt
Fabric glue
3/8" Gold ribbon
Gold Metal stickers 
Brass brad
Black marker
Green jute
12" Dowel (or cardboard tube from a coat hangar)
12" Decorative ribbon

1. Cut canvas fabric to size.  Note: I use a canvas drop cloth from the hardware store. It is inexpensive and the perfect weight for decorative banners and garlands.

2. Use the patterns as guides to cut the shape of the hat from medium green felt, 3 light green shamrocks,  2 dark green shamrocks and a 7" x 1.75" rectangle of black felt.  Glue the black felt to the hat. 



3.  To create the shamrock for the hat, cut along the lines as indicated then place the small shamrock on top of the large one.  Poke a hole through the center hold together with the brad.

4. Create a buckle for the hat band with the gold ribbon. Cut two, 2" pieces and two 1.5" pieces. Glue in the shape of a rectangle at the center of the black hat band.  Iron the letters on the brim of the hat then glue the shamrock in place.  Glue the hat to the banner.


5.  Create additional shamrocks using the same patterns.  Cut the shapes, then cut all the way through the center on the cut lines to create 4 hearts.  Create the additional shamrocks by gluing 3 hearts together at the base. Glue to the banner then add a gold metal embellishment to the base of each one.  Draw stitch lines from the shamrock  with a black marker. 

6.  Create a border with 12" pieces of ribbon. A narrower decorative ribbon was glued on top of a wider 12" piece of ribbon then embellished with gold, nail head stickers.  Glue to the banner about 2" from the bottom.


7.  Fold 2" over at the top of the canvas then glue to create a casement for the dowel, or cardboard tube.  Tie the ends of the jute to each end of the dowel to create a hangar or, if using a cardboard tube, thread the jute through the center then tie the ends together at the top.

May the road rise up to meet you.
May the wind be always at your back. 
May the sun shine warm upon your face; 
the rains fall soft upon your fields 
and until we meet again, 
may God hold you in the palm of His hand.
Traditional Gaelic blessing.

You can find Joy embroidered, iron-on letters at your local craft store. They are available in a variety of colors, sizes and fonts for all your home dec and crafting projects.

Friday, March 3, 2017

Children's Felt Bulletin Board

My granddaughter is starting to count and sing her ABC’s, so I thought she would have fun with a felt bulletin board.  The JOY iron-on letters and numbers are a perfect addition. 

You'll need:
JOY iron-on letters and numbersFoam boardFelt yardage to cover boardDecorative duct tapeFelt squares and scrapsTacky glueScissors, iron
Die cutter and die (optional)

Apply glue or tape to the board and cover with the felt.  If you are using glue, spread it out in a thin layer.

Cover the edges of the board with the tape.

Cut felt shapes with a die-cutter or scissors. Simple shapes like flowers, squares, circles and triangles work well.

Iron on the letters and numbers to the felt following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Press the shapes onto the board - the felt will naturally stick to itself - and have fun!

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