Friday, February 3, 2017

Vintage-Inspired Valentine Ornaments

I've always loved the look of vintage Valentines. These Valentines double as a love note and a pretty ornament - a twist on some old world charm.

Joy Embroidered Letters
Red heart paper doilies
Decorative transfer craft foils in red, green and gold
Chenille stems
Glue pen
Clear adhesive
Non-stick work surface

Coat the outside of the doily with the glue pen. You want it to be the type that dries clear and it will be tacky enough to grab the foil. 

Place the foil shiny side up onto the heart and firmly press into the tacky glue.

Peel up the foil. If it looks like the foil did not transfer completely, press and rub it with your finger into the empty spots until there are no more sticky areas. Repeat the process with the other foil colors to highlight the doily design as desired. Then glue your Joy embroidered letters in place for your love note. Insert and twist the chenille stem through a hole in the border to hang.

JOY Embroidered letters can be found at your local craft stores in a variety of sizes and colors, in simple and decorative fonts.

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