Thursday, November 3, 2016

Autumn Welcome Wreath

fall crafts leaf wreath

It's that time of the year for fall crafts...when things start to cool off, the winds blow colder and leaves change from greens to warm reds and golden hues. Perfect time to make an autumn welcome wreath!

To get started, you will need the following supplies:
  1.  Joy Embroidered letters
  2.  12" wreath form
  3.  Decorative autumn leaves garlands
  4.  14" strip of clear vinyl
  5.  Scissors
  6.  Black marker
  7.  Clear craft glue

Place your wreath form on top of the vinyl strip and mark where you want the letters to be placed to spell "welcome." Trim the vinyl strip as needed to attach to the back of the wreath and set aside.

Rather than wind the garlands around the wreath form as is, I opted to combine them to create a custom garland. Pull off all the larger leaves and separate the colors into piles. Use a smaller wired garland to attach the leaves to the wreath form, alternating with the different colors.

Look for open spaces and carefully push the leaves along the wreath shape (like a scrunchie), filling in the gaps. Add more leaves until your wreath is full.

Finish by loosely wrapping more of the wired garland around the wreath, tucking it into some of the larger leaves. Attach the clear vinyl strip to the back of the wreath with wire or glue. Glue your Joy letters in place on the vinyl and hang for all to enjoy!

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