Sunday, October 9, 2016

Spooky Cell Phone Pouch

Even though my cell phone is in a protective case, I thought it would be fun to make up a decorative pouch for it! Now I can easily find it in my purse and it's wicked cool to show off! I just love Halloween, don't you?

This stylish cell phone pouch can also be used to hold credit cards, money or keys for a quick jaunt into the grocery store.

  • JOY letters
  • Sewing machine
  • Pins, threads, needle 
  • Translucent or tracing paper 
  • 3 google eyes
  • Button and colored elastic (I used hair bands)
  • Ruler, pen and sewing scissors
  • Fabric of choice and micro fleece for the lining
  • Strong, clear-dry glue

Here's what you'll need to do:

Trace your phone onto the translucent paper. Use your ruler to measure a dotted border all around the trace (1/4" for a phone with no case or 1/2" for a phone with a case) for a seam allowance.

Measure the length of your trace, then divide this by 3. Your result will tell you how much fabric to add for the flap of the pouch. Add your seam allowance and mark a 1" slot to leave open at top of pattern as shown.

Make two copies of your pattern and cut out both - one for the total length plus flap, the other for just the front.

Lay the right side of the fabric on top of the fleece and pin your patterns in place. Sew along the dotted lines with a small stitch.

Carefully remove the paper and trim edges with pinking shears.

Use the slot openings to turn each piece inside out. Iron flat if desired.

For the flap closure, pin the hair band just inside the slot of the longer piece, leaving a loop of it exposed and stitch the slot closed.

Add any decorative stitching if desired on both pieces.

Pin your two pieces together and insert phone for fit. Pull down the flap to mark where the button should go for the loop closure and stitch the button in place.

Stitch bottom and sides of the two pieces together to finish the pouch.

Glue a google eye to the button and glue the letters and extra google eyes to the front of the pouch. Allow to dry (I placed books on top to keep things flat until the glue was set). My fabric was organza, so I did not iron on the Joy letters like I would have if I was using cotton.

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