Friday, September 30, 2016

Faith Canvas

Say anything on your canvas with Joy embroidered letters!

You will need:
Joy™ embroidered letters
Wrapped Canvas (9" x 12" used here)
7" x 10" piece of Smoothfoam™
Heart pattern 
Brush markers (your choice of colors)
Red glitter thread
Quilt pins (short)
Self stick corrugated paper border
1 yd Burlap ribbon 1/2"
Chipboard 8" x 11"

1.  Place the Smoothfoam on the back of the canvas within the frame.  The Smoothfoam will act as a "pin cushion" when placing the quilt pins for the string art heart.

2.  Arrange the letters and the heart pattern on the front of the canvas.

3. Remove the letters then push the pins thru the canvas into the Smoothfoam around the heart pattern.  Smoothfoam is very dense and will hold the pins in place without glue.  Remove the pattern. Starting at the bottom of the heart, secure the end of the thread to the bottom pin with a slip knot. Wrap the thread around the outside of the pins then pass the thread back and forth across the pins moving from one pin to the next pin each time. When you are back at the starting point, wrap the thread 3 or 4 more times around the outside of the heart.

          Tip:   Wrap the thread around the "dip" in the heart.

4.  Color the letters with brush tip markers. You can also use fabric paint, spray mists, dyes, etc., but I love the way the satin thread on the letters maintains its shine when using markers. Remove the backing then adhere to the canvas.

5.   Embellish the front of the canvas with corrugated paper strips and burlap ribbon as shown.  Enjoy!

Joy embroidered letters are available in a variety of fonts, colors and sizes at your local craft stores.

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