Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Autumn Greeting Card

I love the combination of textures in this super simple autumn greeting card - the cut-out floral border with the embroidered letters and some sparkly bling. This kind of card is a great way to use your solid colors of cardstock.

First I tinted my plain white Joy embroidered letters with a Copic marker. By just tapping and pressing the paintbrush tip across the threads of each letter, you can quickly and easily give your letters whatever shade you like.

After cutting the front edge of my folded card with a floral border punch, I adhered a sheet of a coordinating paper inside to peek through the cut-out areas. Then I positioned the letters with clear gel glue and added some self-adhesive bling - done! 

One tip for applying glue to the back of the letters - squeeze a small puddle on a piece of scrap paper and apply dots of it to the letters with a toothpick, then spread the dots into a thin coat and gently press the letter to the paper. This will help you prevent excess glue from seeping out around the edges of the letters.

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