Monday, August 15, 2016

Doggie Drool Towel

My dog drools. A LOT. She is a regular drool monster, especially when we are in the car! I have been searching for some cute towels to carry around with us but couldn't find any I like. I decided to make my own doggie drool towel using supplies I already had on hand.

Supplies for Drool Towels

My supplies are:

  1. Arrange letters as desired and iron-on following the instructions found here.
  2. Sew ribbon to bottom of towel (or use fabric glue), turning the ends under to prevent fraying.
  3. Add grommet halfway up one side and insert a Pear Clip. 
I am not so sure that my pup likes this towel as much as I do, but I am excited to use it the next time we go out.

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