Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Personalized Gift and Favor Bags

These little sheer organza drawstring pouches are perfect for tiny gifts, party and wedding favors, fragrant sachets or even as merchandise bags for selling handmade items at a boutique. You can pick them up in bulk online or in small packs at most craft stores - they come in many different sizes and colors.

Personalize them with Joy embroidered letters - just slip a sheet of non-stick parchment paper inside, then glue letters in position to spell a word or the initial for a person's name. A glue designed for non-porous surfaces works better with a synthetic fabric like this. Remove the parchment when the glue is dry. So easy, so pretty and so special!

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Say it with Flowers

Say "flowers" in any language with Joy embroidered letters.....

I found this vintage/shabby chic bottle caddy at my local craft store and thought it would be perfect for displaying sunflowers available everywhere at this time of year.  It needed a little extra pizazz though, so I added the word "flowers" in French and German......  Anything is possible when you make it with Joy...

I chose full sheets of letters available in a variety of colors and fonts.  A script style for French and a more modern style for German - they were the perfect size for this project:

1.  Carefully peel each letter needed from the backing sheet.

2.  You can adhere the letters with most types of craft glue, but I used an extra strength stick glue.  I simply spread the glue on the strips of wood then added the letters. It held them in place perfectly and dried clear!

TIP: For easy spacing on the lower strip, I started 
from the outer edge then worked from right to left to place the letters for the word "BLUMEN"

JOY embroidered letters can be found in a variety of fonts, sizes and colors in the notions, or general crafts departments at your local craft stores!



Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Personalized Coffee Cup Sleeve

We all know one. Heck, maybe you are one. You know... a coffee addict! So take pride in your love for coffee by personalizing a store-bought fabric coffee cup sleeve with JOY iron-on letters.

These reusable cotton coffee sleeves are a great thing to keep in your purse or car to identify your cup and keep your java cozy. And with JOY letters, you can personalize them any way you want. They would make a great gift for teachers, friends, and any other coffee addict you know!

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Back to School Welcome Banner

Create a "Back to School" welcome banner for your favorite teacher's classroom!

  • JOY® Embroidered Letters
  • 9” x 12” sheets of Kunin Classicfelt -Black , Gray, Sandstone, Candy Pink and Gold
  • Craft glue
  • Glitter glue
  • Cardstock
  • Ruler, pencils, scissors
  • 4-foot length of ribbon

  1. Draw a simple pencil pattern (5 pieces as shown) on cardstock and cut out.  
  2. Trace and trim each pattern piece seven times on the appropriate color of felt.
  3. Glue the pencil pieces together, overlapping as shown and let dry.

4. Peel back liner paper from the JOY letters and attach to the center of each pencil, spelling out WELCOME.

 5.  Glue each pencil along the ribbon, leaving 12” at each end and 1” in between each pencil. Let dry.

7. Accent the band with lines and circles of silver glitter glue. Let dry.

Look for Joy® iron-on embroidered letters at your favorite craft stores! 

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Bride and Groom Luggage Tags

The bride and groom are off on their honeymoon! Whether they travel by car, bus, train or plane, they might get some special service by sporting these fun tags on their luggage.

Here is what you will need:
  • JOY embroidered letters
  • Deflecto 3"x 5" flexible pouches
  • Deflecto pear clips
  • Solid and patterned scrapbook papers
  • Glitter tape
  • Mini paper flowers
  • Ribbon scraps
  • Heavy-duty glue and dry adhesive
  • Scissors and paper trimmer


1.  Cut the patterned paper to fit in the pouch. Cut, layer and adhere the other papers on top as shown. Place inside the pouch.  

2.  Glue the letters to the outside of the pouch using a strong glue meant to hold on plastic. Allow to dry.

3.  Embellish the pouch with flowers and glitter tape. Cut and fold several ribbons in half and push the fold through the hole in the pouch to make a loop. Pull the ribbon tails through the loop and close. Trim the ribbon tails at an angle.

4.  Open the pear clip and attach it to the pouch through the same hole as the ribbons.  Close the clip.  Ready for the honeymoon!

Monday, August 15, 2016

Doggie Drool Towel

My dog drools. A LOT. She is a regular drool monster, especially when we are in the car! I have been searching for some cute towels to carry around with us but couldn't find any I like. I decided to make my own doggie drool towel using supplies I already had on hand.

Supplies for Drool Towels

My supplies are:

  1. Arrange letters as desired and iron-on following the instructions found here.
  2. Sew ribbon to bottom of towel (or use fabric glue), turning the ends under to prevent fraying.
  3. Add grommet halfway up one side and insert a Pear Clip. 
I am not so sure that my pup likes this towel as much as I do, but I am excited to use it the next time we go out.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Custom Color Monogrammed Cap


These days I'm super picky with what I wear. For me, it's all about color and lots of it! So I thought it would be fun to design my own baseball cap using a Joy iron-on letter. I chose the letter "M" for Michelle and Mom...a win- win for me!

To make a hat like this, you will need the following:
  • Plain white baseball cap
  • 1 large Joy letter
  • Permanent markers
  • 90% rubbing alcohol
  • Spray bottle
  • Shimmery metallic or glitter paint, paintbrush
  • Parchment paper, hot iron
Color your hat all over randomly with the markers, then take it outside and hold it over a plastic bucket while you spray it with the alcohol. The alcohol will cause the colors to blend. 

Leave the hat in the sun to set the colors, then thin some metallic paint with water and brush it over the hat. Leave the hat outside in the sun to dry again.

Position your letter on the front and place a piece of parchment paper on top (this will save your iron from picking up any paint residue from the hat). Press firmly with a hot iron, following the Joy package instructions.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Vacation Memories Photo Frame

I love to frame photographs and postcards from my trips, because I every time I look at them, they bring back the memories of the relaxation and fun I experienced on my vacation. It's easy to personalize a plain store-bought frame with Joy embroidered letters.

For this project, I used the initial for my last name to remind me of a family trip, but you could also spell out the name of your vacation destination.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Use a Motivational Quote for an easy DIY Wallhanging

This motivational quote is a little throwback to Burt Bacharach and the 1960s. It's an important little message, both then and now.

To make a wallhanging like this, you'll need a 8x10 white canvas, Joy embroidered letters, blue acrylic craft paint, and glue.

By mixing the paint with water, I created a light watercolor effect for the background. To create the cloudy look, I dabbed the canvas with a clean towel to remove some of the paint before it dried.

After the canvas has fully dried, arrange the letters to spell out your motivational quote. Draw light pencil marks on the canvas to keep your lines straight if needed. Glue each letter to the canvas.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Chip Clips

It's easy to dress up your chip clips with JOY embroidered letters - just adhere the letters with tacky glue. For words with an even number of letters like "snacks," mark the center of the clip and glue the letters evenly on either side. For odd-numbered words like "chips," center and glue the middle letter first, then work out from there. 

Add these to a gift basket for your neighbor or for that student going away to college!

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