Sunday, July 31, 2016

All Aboard the Alphabet Train!

Pin or frame a large piece of white felt to the wall in your kid's room and let them choo-choo-choose how to build a fun and colorful felt alphabet train to spell their name and lots of other words. 

Felt lightly sticks to itself, even when hanging vertically on the wall, so you can easily move the pieces all around to make your trains and everything will stay put until you're ready to move things around again.

Cut 26 rectangles from felt, one for each letter of the alphabet. Cut the front of one longer rectangle at an angle to use as the train engine.

Cut 52 felt circles for wheels, plus a variety of different colored squares, rectangles and triangles for the cargo. Trim shapes as shown for the engine's cab and smokestack.

If you are using wool felt, you can iron on a Joy letter to each train car, following the instructions on the letters' packaging. If you are using synthetic felt, gluing the letters would be better, since some synthetic felts can melt in high heat.

This fun felt alphabet train is not only easy to make (and it looks really cute hanging on the wall), but it's also a creative way to help your kids use their imagination and learn their letters, shapes and colors.

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