Thursday, May 26, 2016

Nautical Wreath

I love the ocean, but I don't see much of it here in Texas. However, when one of the bathrooms needed a a facelift, I decided to get nautical..... a lifesaver seemed like a good place to start.

    You'll need the following supplies:

    JOY Embroidered 3D letters
    Smoothfoam™Ruled Wreath
    Blue ribbon - 2" wide
    White rope
    Quilt Pins

1.  The wreath is divided into 12 sections by markings on the surface of the Smoothfoam, so no measuring required. Wrap the ribbon around every third section. Pin the end of the ribbon in place at the back with a quilt pin.

2.  Select the letters needed then glue in place in the open sections of the wreath as shown.

3.  Pin the end of the rope onto the first blue section then lay it around the outside of the wreath. Secure at each blue section by unpinning the end of the ribbon then wrapping it over the rope. Re-pin the end of the ribbon at the back. Add glue if desired. Trim the end of the rope as needed.

NOTE: The uncovered sections between the blue can be covered with white ribbon if desired, but I left mine as is. I may cover the markings later, when I caulk the bathtub tile...

JOY embroidered letters can be found in a variety of sizes, fonts and colors in the sewing/notions department at your favorite craft store.


  1. Beautiful, Julie! Makes me want to hit the beach! And your new website is beautiful!!

  2. This is a brilliant idea! LOve it!

  3. What a clever artist you are! Neat idea!

  4. I love this. Now those shells are awesome too!

  5. That's such a cute idea. If we can't visit the beach at least we can dream.

  6. Love your project and the vignette! Clean, professional and perfect for Summer!

  7. Just perfect. I already told you how much I like it :)

    1. Super use of the wreath and the letters! An all around great design!


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