Sunday, March 20, 2016

Easter Garland

Banners can be created in all shapes and sizes from a variety of materials, depending on where you want to hang them. Whatever style you choose, they all need letters to create greetings, sayings, names and more.

This simple Easter banner was created by stringing pennants together and adding embroidered letters to spell out "HAPPY EASTER". The pennants were made from glitter card stock and burlap ribbon.

You'll need the following supplies:
Joy® embroidered letter sheets
Glitter cardstock
Burlap ribbon, 3"
Hole punch

1. Cut one, 3" x 4" pennant from the ribbon for each letter. Glue to the glitter card stock then trim the cardstock 1/2" from the sides of the ribbon to create a border.

2. Punch a hole at each corner then adhere a letter to the center of each pennant. Thread jute through the holes to hang.

Joy embroidered letter sheets come in different colors and fonts. I chose green and pink to coordinate with the glitter card stock I already had on hand. You can find a large selection at your local craft store.

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